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1 Year in Jail & $10,000 Fine for a Sex Toy? says Vicky Vette


by Vicky Vette of


As you guys know I have made a career in assisting and providing ‘relief’….. in fact my efforts are the subject of lots of videos that hopefully have provided lots of relief around the world.  So I was shocked to find out that the people of Alabama are in dire need of a massive relief effort and need our immediate help.

Yesterday, the bright loonies in the Supreme Court in Alabama upheld a lower court’s ban on the selling of sex toys to the citizens of Alabama.  A few years back the courts in Alabama banned the selling of sex toys because the selling of such toys could open the door to the ” legalization of undesirable sexual behavior such as prostitution.”  In a 7 to 2 decision, yesterday the Supreme Court in Alabama denied a challenge to the ban by a sex shop called the Love Stuff.  

From an article about the subject- The judges wrote “Public morality can still serve as a legitimate rational basis for regulating commercial activity, which is not a private activity…… There is nothing ..private’ or ..consensual’ about the advertising and sale of a dildo.” 

So while you can use a sex toy at home, ya’ll can’t buy one in Alabama!  By the way, what is the penalty under the law for selling such a device in Alabama?  Up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine for a first offense. A second offense carries a prison sentence of one to 10 years!

It seems we have a national crisis.  The people of Alabama are being denied sex toys!  I for one am calling for a mass donation of dildos so that they can be shipped to Alabama in this moment of crisis.  The effort could be called ‘DILDOS FOR GUNS’  Selling guns and weapons in Alabama is totally cool.  Maybe people will turn in a weapon for a dildo to get some much needed relief.

Now before ya’ll send me your dildos for distribution to Alabama…. this of course is being said with a degree of sarcasm!!! What is NOT FUNNY… is that this is real.  A Supreme Court ruled you cannot sell a dildo – yet again an absurd example of the puritanical and conservative nature of our culture here in the United States.  It seems crazy to me that you can smoke pot with the permission of the government in California but if you sell a dildo in Alabama you can be facing the slammer.  Want to sell a fully loaded 38 Special in Montgomery, ALA?  That is a lot easier to do that selling something that has a couple of double AA batteries.

Remind me to drive AROUND Alabama the next time I head cross country.

Beam me up Scotty… the people of Alabama have more automatic weapons than vibrators!

Vicky Vette

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