10 Hottest Horror Movie Honies

Acolytes, Acolytes


When anticipating a brutal horror flick, several things likely come to mind – gore, violence and cheesy dialogue. However, one key thing separates a good horror movie from a great one – SEXY WOMEN of course! At least the victims get one last look at beauty before their life is slashed up into many bloody pieces. Without further ado, I bring you 10 sexy horror movie starlets:

 1. Kelly Brook – Dances sexy and nearly gets shredded in Piranha 3D. The same month it released, she was announced as a Playboy cover model. Way to go Kelly!


2. Sarah Michelle Gellar – This babe slayed vampires as the character Buffy, and starred in classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer and the ‘Merican “Grudge”.

She can slay me any day!


3. Sheri Moon Zombie – So much to be said about this special little lady. Inside Rob Zombie’s films she’s a little out of her mind, but I’m sure she’s got a great personality otherwise. Devil’s Rejects is one of my favs!


4. Shannon Elizabeth – This girl gets around. She’s had parts in countless flicks, from American Pie to Scary Movie to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She counts for one of the more embarrassing death scenes on this list though – murdered in a mouthwatering shower scene by a living snowman in Jack Frost.




5. Emily Booth – This British beauty has had roles in countless B-grade slashers, as well as a part in Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse. She even gets naked in Cradle of Fear, and yes it is a little freaky, but we have that footage for you below! Horrorific!

EMILY BOOTH TOPLESS by samguitargod


6. Ali Larter – From Heroes, to Resident Evil, to teen death extraordinaire Final Destination, Alie Larter is a smokeshow.


7. Shawnee Smith – Probably best known for her role on SAW as serial killer Jigsaw’s apprentice.


8. Rose McGowan – This woman is made for horror flicks. You can see her in the original Scream as well as Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror!


9. Jordan Ladd – Another girl made for horror movies. From Grindhouse, to Club Dread to Hostel 2, this girl is versatile. She also happens to have her flesh melt off in a personal favourite of mine, Cabin Fever!


10. Jessica Biel – This goody-two-shoes went from family oriented television series 7th Heaven to the raunchy Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. God gave it to you, might as well show it off eh Jess?



Jessica Biel Sex Scene by sxtime





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