10 reasons why women cheat on their man

At some point in your life, you must have cheated or been cheated on or both. Whether you were caught or not doesn’t really matter. Men and women cheat for different reasons; For men, it’s often a desire to ‘get the job done’ sex-wise, and For women, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. That said, have you ever wondered why a woman would cheat on their man? Everyone has their excuse or some sort of justification for why they do what they do. Today ThePornDude assumes the role of Doctor Love.

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No matter how rotten cheating sounds, it is still very common. Bearing this in mind let’s find out why women do it anyway. Am not promising you that some of the reasons will not surprise you.

1.    Love for sex

This is pretty much the first reason that comes to mind. Let’s not fool ourselves; sex is in the middle of all relationships. It is the fucking backbone. It, therefore, makes perfect sense for a woman to cheat on their man if they feel that the man doesn’t bring his A-game to bed. Sometimes, a woman will cheat on you, not because they don’t love you, but because they love sex so much and you are not able to deliver the goods. Makes sense, right? If you didn’t know, now you know. Over to you gentlemen.

2.    Exerting too much financial control

Well, they say cash is the root of all evil. I don’t know what they meant by that, but I can assertively tell you that money (or lack thereof) can have a woman jumping from one bed to another. There is the power play that involves guys trying too hard to control the woman’s budget. In the process, they end up crossing the line by over five miles. I know a friend who tore off his woman’s debit card because she had made one purchase too many. A few weeks after that incident, she was sleeping with her high school boyfriend. Don’t exert too much control and worse still, don’t be a condescending jerk while at it. She will cheat on you.

3.    Attention seeking

You see, some women expect their man to respond to their every whim. They think the man is equipped to handle her every expectation. Others may even set you up to fail for them to have an excuse to cheat, while others will pin too many hopes and expectations on their man in a way that leaves them very disappointed when they realize that he  is only human and may not be able to give her all the attention she thinks she actually deserves. What happens after that you can trust me when I tell you that it’s not rocket science.

4.    She is a whore

Well, some women will just cheat whether she is in a good relationship or not. Some are just meant to be ‘bitches.’ (With all due respect). You see, your woman may not even tell you her needs. She will even be fighting the idea that you are the father of her kids and the guy who gets dirty with her within the confines of your bedroom. She will cheat on you for no reason at all just because she is, you know, a dirty whore.

5.    Low self esteem

There is another breed of women with a fickle sense of self-esteem. Such women may seek assurances of their worth by actively pursuing romantic relationships with other men. The lack of self-esteem is dangerous for women as it gives them an urge to be desired by the opposite sex. This leads them to place their value on the attention of men. I feel for every man in a relationship with such a woman. They end up being bitterly heartbroken.

6.    Fear of break up

Well, this is quite interesting. Women have been found to cheat on a man they are no longer in love with but are afraid of playing the ‘bad guy’ and abandoning the relationship altogether. You see, not all women have the guts to tell you it’s over. Others may have the guts but are afraid of the guilt they have to live with. Cheating is one way of relieving themselves of such pressure. In fact, some will be silently hoping that you find out.

7.    Lack of connection

Women will cheat without breaking a sweat if they feel a loss of connection (physical and emotional), passion, and commitment from their man. Even things that men brush off as trivial or old fashioned, for example, holding hands may just be the thing that stands between a woman and cheating.  While a lack of emotional connection may be a result of exhaustion from work; that will not stop a woman from cheating on you. They want that attention and lots of it so keep that in mind.

8.    She has moved in with you

This may actually have been her idea, but now as a man, you feel like there is no urgency to keep the conversation going. This silence eats up a woman from inside, and she may take your silence to mean that you think she is boring. Be warned gentlemen; you are simply giving her a reason to find another man who finds her more interesting and attractive.

9.    Not celebrating her achievement

You may not know this, but when your woman gets a promotion at work or has just graduated, it’s good to show her that you are proud of her achievements. Celebrate with her. Many guys make the mistake of not celebrating their women’s achievements which sets the stage for her to find a man who is more appreciative.

10.    She knows you have cheated

Women are sometimes fond of revenge affairs. This is because of their desire to feel loved and wanted. If she feels that you have cheated on her, she’ll definitely lose her self-control and may want to revenge by sleeping with another man. If you are planning on cheating on your woman or you are actually cheating on her, just make sure you don’t get caught otherwise you may find out why revenge is a dish best served cold.


So there you have it gentlemen.  Now you know why your women may cheat on you. So if you are missing out on anything in the list, please do something before she snaps. I promise you that if you avoid the above scenarios, you might just be lucky enough to have your woman not parting her legs for other guys. All the best from ThePornDude.

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