10 Romantic Videos to Watch with Your Lover on Valentine’s Day

1. Casey Cumz and Levi Cash Make Love Instead of Going to the Gym

As the senior video editor here at PORN.COM, I’ve seen a lot of porn in my day. Romantic porn is  a little harder to come by, because nowadays, the majority of people want faster, rougher porn. Regardless, PORN.COM has an abundance of porn—so much so that you’re bound to find at least something that appeals to you and your current mood!

Without further ado, here’s the final nine romantic videos from PORN.COM exclusive scenes and DVDs alike. Feel free to watch alone or share with your sexual partner if you have one. And just because I love you guys so much, I’ve thrown in three bonus lesbian videos at the end of the post. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

2. Vintage Porno featuring a Romantic Couple in front of a Fireplace

3. Teen Haley Sweet and Ralph Have A Secret Love Affair

As with the Casey Cumz and Levi Cash scene, this full video is only available to PORN.COM Premium Members

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4. Classic Porn with Couple Having Passionate Sex Inside Their Car

5. Black Couple Make Love on the Beach

This link should take you to straight to the sex, but if not, skip the cheesy 80’s montage and jump right to 2:30

6. Asian Couple Goes At It

7. Amateur Couple Get Passionate

8. Turkish Couple Make Sweet Love

9. Audrey Wakes Up for Sex In Bed

10. Two Teens Go Crazy For Derrick

Although this is probably the least romantic of the list, it’s still quite passionate sex

Triple Bonus: Lesbian Couples!

Hopefully you enjoyed some of the videos on this list! If not, there’s plenty more porn on PORN.COM for you to enjoy! Take a gander, and try searching for couples or passion

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