10 Sexiest Banned Superbowl Commercials

The big game is just around the corner. Two of the same generic football teams will go to battle and leave it all on the field, but it’s the zany commercials that are the real centerpiece here. With more than 111 million people tuning into the biggest television event of the year, Superbowl is gargantuan for advertisers. All your favorite slices of brand Americana like Budlight, Doritos, even PETA will drop exorbitant millions for that oh-so precious airtime slot.

Thanks to the puritanical tastes of the Superbowl review committee, a lot of really funny commercials were banned outright. Why? Simple answer: Too much sex! (impossible by the way) Game on!


1.) Apology Bot


2.) Go Daddy


3.) PETA – Vegetarians Have Better Sex


4.) Paris Hilton Writhing On a Car


5.) Go Daddy Girl Goes to Court


6.) PETA Porn


7.) Ashley Madison


8.) Miller Lite


9.) Gatorade


10.) Guinness

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