10 Unforgettable Video Game Sex Scenes

As a gamer girl, I know there’s a ton of steamy sex scenes in video games. Some feature just clever-angled cleavage shots, while others are interactive until the last push of a button. This list contains what I think are the most memorable video game sex scenes. If there’s one you think should be on this list, leave a response in the comments and maybe it’ll make the next post. Also, you may need to skip some of the game play before these clips—it’s hard to find clips of just the sex.

10) Overlord II

While Overlord II is all around a boring game, this sex scene stands out. It’s the only true emotion the main character shows. Though there isn’t much visual sex, the cheese dialogue between these buxom beauties gets me laughing every time.  What man doesn’t want to help three ladies “get along” for an hour or two!

9) Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain’s interactive QTE sex scene is packed with passionate kissing, heavy breathing, button presses and controller motions.  This scene actually serves an important function in the telling of this story and as well as a fun seductive mini-game to undress your partner.

8 ) Indigo Prophecy

For a game released in 2005, it’s a pretty risque sex scene, though Indigo Prophecy didn’t pull as much attention and controversy as Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Your character seduces Tiffany by playing a crappy Guitar Hero-ish song using the joysticks. It’s not a bad sex scene, and for once it’s absolutely necessary to the story line.

7 & 6) Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is just sex and violence, which is what most guys want. This game has that unique factor where not only can you have straight sex, but lesbian and gay sex. I know, most guys don’t want to screw another guy, but gamer girls sure as hell do! This one is for you girls out there that love guy-on-guy action!

Don’t worry boys, here is some girl on girl action.

5) God of War I

The God of War franchise include a number of sexually-charged images, but two blatantly sexual elements stand out in my mind. This first QTE mini-game comes from God of War, where you walk in on two lovely ladies going at it. You join them and the camera pans to a large burning candle dripping hot burning wax. To win this mini game you have to hit the right buttons, so to speak.

4) God of War II

The Kratos sex scene in God of War II is definitely one of the most memorable events in the game. Mostly due to the use of the cherub to “control the flow-patterns of the water fountain.” Yeah, that what we’re doing…

3 & 2) Mass Effect

I know Mass Effect is a touchy subject for gamers—note I didn’t’ mind the whole ending to Mass Effect 3—but these games do include some awesome sex scenes. Whether you play as female or male, Commander Shepherd gets the job done… and by job I mean ladies. Mass Effect has some of the most realistic sex acts for a video game, and it cleverly shot too. Here’s some hot lesbian sex from Mass Effect 3 between Liara and female Shepherd.

Also a passionate scene from Mass Effect, with Commander Shepherd and Liara. Why so much Liara? Well it’s because she’s my special blue lady.

1) The Witcher 2

There are a ton of sex scenes in this game but this stands out most for me. I’m a sucker for the cheesy dialogue and enjoy the sexual tension between these two. There’s so much to say about the realism of this scene—the playfulness, the beauty. It’s just a masterpiece of video game sex.

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