10 weird sexual fantasies that you only find in japan

Japan is known as the land of the weirdoes. At least as far as porn is concerned. You may not even know about it, but Japan has one of the most innovative and kinky sexual cultures.  While it is partly true that the Japanese choose to forgo romance and favoring a single lifestyle, it is also worth noting that the porn industry is the second largest industry in the country. That in itself means something, don’t you think so?

Traditional culture and technology

It is globally notable that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries. Now when it comes to sex in the country, there is a mixture of traditional cultures with emerging technology which has given rise to a quite interesting (if strange) phenomenon in their sexual culture.

The red light district in Tokyo known as Shibuya district is home to some of the strangest things in Japan. For example, The Vibe Bar Wild One is a sex shop that allows women and couples to test and sample their wide array of vibrators for 90 minutes as they sip their drinks behind the bar. Due to its proximity to the Shibuya metro station, the bar even has English attendants to cater for the curious visitors. Tokyo even has a bar dedicated to women where they can masturbate and talk openly about the subject which is considered taboo in the country. You can, therefore, tell that the Japanese can take things to the extreme if need be.  Visit our Asian porn tubes category and sample some hot Japanese girls.

What are some of the weird sexual fantasies in Japan?

1.    Schoolgirl (with uniform)

The first fetish that I think could be quite disturbing if looked from another light is the fascination with school girls and school uniform. In Japan, there is quite an attachment with adolescence regarding sex. They think that a girl dressed as a school/college-girl is a turn on. How weird is that? Even in their porn videos, you are most likely to find the main actress dressed as a school girl. This is most likely related to the fantasy of ‘absolute power’ over a woman where the man feels like a god and can do everything to a woman without objection. But I digress. Kindly visit our Asian premium porn category for such and more videos.

2.    Half-human/half-animal

Unknown to many, the Japanese also have a fetish for half-human/half-animal women. How this is a turn on, I’m yet to establish. The thing is, even in their video games, you find a lot of video game characters who may be for example half rabbit and half woman. I watched one particular video game where you get to have sex with a cat! She would change herself at night into a cattish-girl (complete with a tail) but with other attributes of a woman. It doesn’t get weirder than that.

3.    Patience face

Known as the gamin kao, this is yet another peculiar sexual fetish. The Patience Face is used in Japan to mean sex face. To satisfy this fetish, the Japanese make Patience Face Porn. A female porn actor will have her head placed through a hole in a wall, and then the sexual action is taking place behind her. The voyeurs can only see the Patience Face. Weird right?

4.    Datch waifu

This is meant to mean the Dutch Wife. The Datch Waifu was a bamboo pillow that was used by Dutch sailors to help them overcome some of the stifling heat as they slept. The Japanese, with their obsession with technology, took the concept further by creating Japanese Datch Waifu, which is basically a silicone doll. Even weirder perhaps, the doll comes with a life insurance and costs around $6000. Call it a lifetime commitment with a doll.

5.    Face farting

The Japanese culture prohibits a woman from farting in public. You can openly imagine the ever imaginative Japanese found this even more exciting to try (the story of the forbidden fruit rings a bell). This is quite similar to the Omorashi fetish, where people are turned on by urination. In face farting, the fetishists enjoy both the sound and smell of a female fart in a closed room, with some taking it further as to have the girls fart on their face. Only in Japan, ladies, and gentlemen.

6.    Pillow snuggling

Another one from the country that brought us geek chic. The Japanese are taking pillow snuggling to a whole new level with the making of pillows that can act as bed accessories as well. These pillows, whose idea is derived from the otaku comics, come with correct body parts, with some even having ‘holes’ for those guys with more than snuggling in mind. What’s more, the hole is removable and washable. Join the dots.

7.    Ha daisuki

Can you imagine having a fetish for teeth? Well, trust the Japanese to do that. The Ha Daisuki is also known as the teeth love. Far from admiring nudity and sex in general, Ha Daisuki fetishists admire a collection of videos they have of people eating, brushing, and flossing their teeth, dental examinations and other similarly weird videos. How this is supposed to be a turn on, am already guessing I will never know.

8.    Haircut fetish

Yes, you read that right. It is quite similar to the teeth loving fetish where fetishists have little interest in nudity and are instead fascinated by watching a long hair get cut. Some of the videos made specifically for such fetishists include an actor with a long weave which she sways provocatively for the voyeur (apparently to turn them on) before proceeding to have a normal haircut.

9.    Cat slapping

Cat slapping involves a situation where the porn actress is filmed going through the streets and slapping random women. Apparently, this is a turn on for some. There is another sort after type of porn only found in Japan where random women will be asked to slap each other as they are filmed. I guess one would say its girls gone wild taken to another level.

10.    Zettai ryokiu

Also known as delicious thighs, this fetish refers to a fascination with knee socks and particularly with the part of the thigh visible between the socks and the miniskirt. Next time you see a girl with a miniskirt and knee socks, understand that she is feeding the fetish of hundreds of men. No wonder this fashion is popular in Japan especially for the school girls. The first fetish rings a bell, I’m sure. Visit our live Asian sex cam sites and chat with beautiful Japanese girls.


Japan, like you now know, is quite strange as far as its sex culture is concerned. I’m thinking of booking a flight to Tokyo one of these days to see for myself. For now, I will let this read feed my curiosity.

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