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18yo Wunderkind

Da Burglar writes on XPT:

Even though I avoided Erotica LA despite spending the weekend a mere 15 minutes down the freeway doing my Howard Hughes impression locked in a Doubletree Suite with a jacuzzi and a lot of Soup (but no whores, I took the weekend off thinking I might actually send a car with a hired thug to grab Holly off the convention floor and bring her back to spend an evening sharing my soup…I never got the nerve up), I was still hard at work keeping up with industry gossip and bullshit. Apart from the many Meth-related trainwrecks and disasters we see or are in the process of observing, I heard from a couple reliable sources with NO REASON to lie that the following is indeed True:

A certain 18 yr old ubder-whore wunderkind that took the industry by storm this past year most definitely had a raging case of ANAL WARTS, such as was suggested at one time on Lukeisback, and not just a baby case of them either. Furthermore, these warts are likely the kind that, even with the best medical attention will comeback….and despite what people want to believe, even WITHOUT a full blown outbreak, are contagious. According to one of my sources, the girl is ruined for life as far as her asshole goes. This despite whatever protestations or Tyra Banks’-esque Soundbites that are offered to the contrary, where a certain porn chick says her porn career and actvity is awesome and really setting her up for the rest of her life.

This is bullshit, existential bullshit….lets look at the facts:

An 18 yr old (barely) still developing girl who subjects herself (and in particular her bunghole) to the pounding and abuse that often takes place with brand new “Hot” young girls EVERYONE wants to shoot, over such a short intense period of time, in an industry filled with people who carry some form of genital disease, is HIGHLY likely to develop some problem of her own, and possibly a BIG problem.

Also, didnt a AEE/AVN-related blog entry that Luke highlighted as belonging to Sasha Grey describe her life in a nutshell to something like: She has a 30 yr old boyfriend, who travels with her and “manages” or helps manage her career, whereby because she was under-21 she spent most of her time at AEE/AVN in her room playing playstation and having sex with this older dude, when not out doing convention-related stuff? Doesnt this sound like a situation where some old, sick, sloth-ridden fucker has latched himself on to a vulnerable, young girl and is leeching off her, but in reality the girl is paying both the financial and the physical price long term???

I call upon Luke to look into this more, I have enough facts to go along with his usually-more-entertaining collection of partially true incomplete tidbits and observations that only give part of the story…

Seriously, who do these girls/kids think they are kidding? Themselves I guess….

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