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19 year old Ami Jordan Passed Away

NL-I chased rumors around yesterday, until I finally found two of her friends that gave me confirmation. Then today I also recieved a link to her memorial service which appears to be posted by a funeral home. (Thanks L & C for info)  So sadly I report that 19 year old Ami Jordan has passed away in her sleep. No cause of death is being reported. One of her friends is telling me that there were no drugs found in her system, but truthfully, since it usually takes weeks to get those kind of results, I question that statement.


I covered up her real name and her family’s information. It appears from what I’ve read they were quite religious and I don’t know if they knew about Ami’s adult movies. I don’t think this is the time for them to find out. I will give out the link to the guest page to anyone that wants to send a donation or card, you just have to send me an email.

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