2 in 5 women masturbate to coworkers social media pictures

Am assuming you are aware of how an office environment can be quite stressful especially considering there are a lot of expectations to perform. Usually, I would say that it’s okay for people to get stressed out due to lack of proper ways to decompress. Lucky are those of us who know the secret; science has a perfect remedy for that; masturbation.

You probably already knew that fapping is one way to relieve stress. What you may not have known is that a surprisingly high percentage of your colleagues at work are doing it. Fuck it; they could even be doing it right now. Both women and men are pleasuring themselves at work. A porn survey has shown that 2 in 5 women masturbate over their male co-workers’ social media pictures. Not too surprising if I may say.

Naughty women

Let’s face it, fapping for a very long time has been a male thing. That is not to say that women are not known to pleasure themselves, they do it but are not open to that information. So everyone assumes that women do not masturbate as much as men, leave alone jerking off to their male colleagues’ social media pictures. It appears the new statistics have surprised men who apparently were oblivious of the naughty antics of their female colleagues. Only 21% of men thought women get off like that. Women, on the other hand, are not surprised, 51% believing their male coworkers did it as well. More than half of women surveyed said they knew their colleagues would be using their photos as visual masturbation aids.

The porn survey also showed that women are especially good at stalking their male coworkers on social media, constantly checking out hot guy’s pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On that end, British women are the main culprits when compared to their American counterparts. 67% of the British women respondents admitted to checking out hot guys’ pictures while just 38 percent of women from the States admitted to stalking men on social media. Things women do behind our backs!

Co-Workers busy checking out each other

The survey included 2,000 random visitors to porn and lifestyle news site, along with social media followers. To encourage the respondents to give open and honest answers, the survey was 100% anonymous, says According to the survey, half of the people at the workplace are busy checking out each other. Perhaps not surprisingly, British men and their American counterparts admitted to a bit of cyberstalking at 58 percent and 61 percent respectively. I’m yet to encounter anyone who doesn’t like checking out hot chics’ pictures on social media, no surprises there.

Approximately 70% of the respondents were aged 18-35 with the rest a bit older. Aside from fulfilling their fantasies out of co-workers pictures, office staff also hook up in real life. A survey directed in 2015 showed that 65% of workers had had at least one romantic relationship with a coworker in their careers. However, it is worth noting that the respondents in the porn survey are mostly sexually inclined people and therefore do not necessarily represent the whole society. But if you asked me, everyone I know is sexually inclined so the survey may as well have been representing the wider society.

Men not left behind

The same survey by Sugarcookie showed that men are also using social media pictures of their female colleagues to masturbate. Two out of five- or 39% of the male respondents admitted to fapping using sexy pictures of their female coworkers. It appears a good percentage of women put out their sexy pictures out there to serve as fodder men to fap, with 51 percent of them suspecting that at least one person in the office was using their pictures to fulfill their dirty little fantasies. Again, no surprises there.

It would appear like these frisky workers are on to something. According to research shown at the University of Michigan, masturbation increases endorphins and lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol. For women, it can even increase confidence. How nicely is pleasant that? I’m of the opinion that workers should be given motivational masturbation breaks should they finish their tasks well. If you are of a similar opinion, I wish you all the best pitching that idea to your boss. I hope you don’t get your ass kicked out in the process.

While the survey results seem to be good, I’m suspecting maybe the number is a bit higher than people are willing to confess. Either way, you may not be a big fan of choking the chicken while on the clock, but rest assured someone maybe in a bathroom near you fapping to your picture and not a thing you can do about it.


If you are sitting there wondering “People actually do this?!” the answer is hell fucking yes. And people are pretty casual about it too. It’s either you are in it, or you just ain’t.

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