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2 New HIV Positive Performers – ONE ON SET TRANSMISSION

The FSC did not notify the industry of this latest alert …. not one but two male performers tested positive for HIV. One gave it to the other on set. Hear that? ON SET. Yes, an on set transmission.

Some will say, oh well it’s not big deal, they are from the gay industry and it doesn’t effect us. Oh really? Because there are quite a few male performers in our industry who are cross overs. That means they perform in the gay industry and then come back and perform in the straight.

This is why it’s important to remember you are putting yourself at a higher risk if you perform with cross over performers.

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to tell your agent to put all cross-overs on your no list and then let them deal with it in regards to booking YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING MATTERS!

Read the full Cal-OSHA report below carefully. You’ll see exactly how it all played out. And not a single peep from the FSC to warn us to at the very least be aware and be careful. Nope, they are to busy fund raising to bother with something as important as warning the industry of TWO new HIV positive performers, that may or may not be cross-overs. We don’t know because … well …. the FSC clearly doesn’t give a fuck enough to tell us.

Cal OSHA Issues An Occupational Health Alert

The long term results of what this means are yet to be found out but this is a very clear shot across the bow of the Adult industry.  What it immediately does is dispel the myth that testing is enough.  It also dispels the bullshit about no on set transmissions in ten years. But let’s face we ALL knew that was bullshit, anyone who didn’t know that is prolly too dumb to be in porn to begin with.
I think it would behove people in the biz to see this as a shot across the bow, because that is exactly what it appears to be.
If you are a smart performer you will make sure you are signed up for health insurance as is required by law, Then you should get on a PreP regimen which your insurance should cover based on this Alert.  This should actually be encouraged and/or required by agents.  It takes some of the responsibility off of them and off of producers.




Source: Mike South

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