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20 Breast Jobs Later

One Mexican woman’s journey.

Here’s Sabrina Sabrok’s myspace page.

Here’s an email:

I Have the name of another Busted women on whom you should write an article. Her Name is Sabrina Sabrok.

She has her website: but it doesn’t give much information There is more information about her story on the thread talking about her in the BEA forum (Breast Expansion Archive) There is also a few info on

What does she have of special? She started a goal that she is still trying to reach. Her goal: Beat the Guinness world record of the women having the biggest breast.
She is well on her way since she already have implants of 3.5 kg in each of her tits and already ordered 5 kg implants. Thats not the only interresting thing about her.
She is very beautiful (I would say the ultimate goddess), she has her own television show and she’s also part of a music group. She has a great sense of humor (she’s always laughing and having fun), she enjoy life and most important of all: She’s latino and very hot.
Another great and interesting thing is that she enlarge her breast for her own pleasure. Not because she wants to please people, not because she think of herself as ugly, not because she wants to get attention (and she has a lot lf it), not because she wants her name in the Guiness world record book and not even because of the money it brings her trough her website (this paying part of her web site is just new and if it would have been for the money her reason, this wouldn’t be new). She does it because she likes it. She is not being influenced by anything else than by the pleasure it procures to her. She even call them her toys and even companions. Of course, she is getting a whole lot of benefit and advantages by having this awesome bust on her godess body. All the attention and compliments she gets, knowing that mens are attracted a lot to her, the feeling of strenght and control she feels by being capable to make a man do her wishes and bend him to her will.
She is aware of it. This is the main reason for every big bust women for having such big breast by enlarging them, but exept to her.
Of course she can’t deny the fact that she likes all those advantages, she said it herself, but the only reason that pushed her for enlarging her breat was only because she likes having big tits, wich of course make guys even more delighted. Even if she wouldn’t gain any avantages, she would still have done it. However, I have to admit that there is only and a whole lot of advantages for a woman for having such a big breast. The only negative point is the possible back pain, but even that can be overcomed through exercises. Ask it to Chelsea Charms (the biggest breasted woman on Earth wich each tits weight 31 pounds each). It takes a lot of exercises to her back but she feels no pain at all because of the strenght her back now has.

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