20 of the Sexiest Female Rockers!

Nothing quite revs up my engine like a smoldering, sexy rock n’ roll leather queen who can shred, sing and scream. And I’m not talking about talent-less poser monkeys like Avril Lavigne or dentist office-friendly Shania Twain crocks of shit. As far as I’m concerned, they sold their souls to the true devil – glaring mediocrity.

Now, more than ever, seriously hot and talented female artists are crashing the gates aesthetically armed with smoky mascara, ripped stockings and operatic voices hardened from white-hot angst and artful rebelliousness. And it’s pure fucking heathen chemistry.

So turn on, tune in and drop out to these intoxicating sounds and let these velvet princesses of the devil’s music strum your chords until total and complete eargasm!

1.) Lzzy Hale

Band: Halestorm
Music Genre: Alternative Rock

Lzzy Hale with her bandmates of Halestorm

2.) Jenny Lewis

Band: Rilo Kiley, Postal Service
Music Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Folk

Jenny Lewis croons on the guitar

Salute your shorts anyone??

3.) Alice Glass

Band: Crystal Castles
Music: Synth Punk, Experimental Electronica

Wildchild Alice Glass

Alice Glass is known for taking hearty chugs of booze during her performances

Alice Glass smokes a cigarette and it looks fucking cool

Alice Glass rocking out! Oops!

4.) Hayley Williams

Band: Paramore
Music Genre: Pop Punk-lite

5.) Sasha Grey

Band: Atelecine
Music Genre: Industrial

CLICK HERE to watch Sasha Grey’s Pornopedia!

6.) Karen O

Band: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
Music Genre: Indie Rock, Art Punk


7.) Mariqueen Maandig

Band: How to Destroy Angels
Music: Post-industrial

8.) Alissa White-Gluz

Band: The Agonist
Music Genre: Metal

9.) Cat Power

Band: Cat Power
Music Genre: Indie Rock, lo-fi, sadcore

10.) Shirley Manson

Band: Garbage
Music Genre: Alternative Rock, Grunge

11.) Marta Peterson

Band: Bleeding Through
Music Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal

12.) Sofia Toufa

Band: Hot Hoodie Girl that sings/raps/screams on Deadmau5 tracks

13.) Meg White

Band: White Stripes
Music Genre: Garage Rock

14.) Taylor Momsen

Band: The Pretty Reckless
Music Genre: Alternative Rock

15.) Emily Haines

Band: Metric
Music Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Punk

16.) Amy Lee

Band: Evanescence
Music Genre: Alternative Rock

17.) Cristina Scabbia

Band: Lacuna Coil
Music Genre: Gothic Metal

18.) Angela Gossow

Band: Arch Enemy
Music Genre: Death Metal

19.) Stella Soleil

Band: Dirty Little Rabbits
Music Genre: Psychedelic Rock

20.) Lita Ford

Band: The Runaways
Music Genre: Hard Rock, Punk Rock


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