2011’s Hottest TV MILFs

Our team at Porn.com tabulate the results every week for the top viewed videos and it seems, week after week, our top 10 is dominated by the MILF category.

Since there is such an overwhelming adoration for the MILF population, when deciding our BEST OF 2011 blog posts we thought there ought to be one dedicated to the ladies we love so dearly.

Thus, here are some females we wish would take their TV mom roles and turn them XXX.

Porn.com’s 2011 Hottest TV MILFs:

10. Leighton Meester (just made the list as mom-to-be on Gossip Girl)

We would have considered ranking the spunky Leighton Meester higher on our list than 10th, but she isn’t quite a MILF just yet, she’s a mom-to-be. Still, when you see the way her pouty lips, pretty face and tight body look in the always sexy Gossip Girl series it’s hard to leave Leighton off any top 10 list these days. When sweethearts and party girls become MILFs, you can always find them on Porn.com in the wildest adult action of their lives.

9. Julie Benz (she plays Dexter’s babymama Rita Morgan)

Some fans of Dexter might try to argue that the show isn’t really about Julie Benz because of the violent adult themes the main character gets into – but let’s face facts, if gorgeous blonde MILF Julie Benz wasn’t on the show each week they would lose an awful lot of their fans. Yes, the script is important, but so is being able to DVR this diva and stop frame hot shots of her gorgeous body!

8. Christina Applegate (plays new mommy on Up All Night)

Fans have been salivating over Christina Applegate since she was the super-hot Kelly Bundy on Married With Children at the start of her career. Now the spunky blonde knockout has fully matured into one of the hottest MILF television stars of all time. It’s amazing to think that the same sizzling beauty has managed to stay sexy throughout each phase of her fame. Christina Applegate is more than a sexy MILF, she’s one of the all time most fuckable television starlets ever.

7. Perrey Reeves (played Ari Gold’s wife on Entourage… we chose an ass shot for obvious reasons)

Entourage may be finishing up the final season on HBO, but thanks to HBOGO you can see Perrey Reeves dressed like a Ho any time you are in the mood for some celebrity MILF ass! Ari may be the best fictional Hollywood power-broker in recent memory, but it was his TV Show cheating wife who often stole all the attention with her amazing lingerie and spankable ass cheeks.

6. Laura Leighton (Hanna Marin’s mom Ashley on Pretty Little Liars)

Be careful not to confuse Laura Leighton with Leighton Meester from earlier on our list. The names are similar but their looks are completely different. Laura is a strawberry redhead with bright blue eyes and a classic MILF sense of style that fits her role on Pretty Little Liars perfectly. She may not be catching cumshot facials in her television career, but as fantasy fodder for your next hardcore dream this MILF is number 6 on our list of Hottest TV MILFs!

5. Jamie Presley (A clueless mom in new sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter)

Jamie Presley personifies fantasies of fucking your step-mother or walking in on a lesbian sex session while Daddy is away out of town. Her television show I Hate My Teenage Daughter casts her as a clueless mom with an awesome body, ready to be bedded by just about any viewer with enough imagination to make it happen in a hardcore MILF fantasy session!

4. Lori Loughlin (Single mom to two teenagers in 90210)

Lori Loughlin is the single mom of two teenagers in the classic show Beverly Hills 90210. She may not be the first MILF who comes to mind when you try to name your own top 10, but we are confident that if you review her full body of work, you’ll quickly agree she belongs in the most exclusive MILF video starlet company!

3. Eva Longoria (Desperate Houswife and super MILF)

On television Eva Longoria is a Desperate Housewife fucking gardeners and getting into all kind of mysterious misadventures. Off the screen by all accounts she is the model housewife of a professional baseball player. Insert your own baseball bat joke if you like, but be sure to keep it respectful if you ever meet Ms. Longoria because she also has an alleged nasty streak that suggests she wouldn’t mind giving a man the full cuckold treatment if you misbehave!

2.  January Jones (Trophy wife and mom on Mad Men)

Part of the allure of January Jones is the show she is on. Mad Men explores a lost time in our culture when sexual harassment was commonplace and women were often thought of as submissive office sluts. This blonde MILF may not be like that in real life, but watch her play the part and incorporating her into your own hot MILF secretary fantasies is a great way to get a load out this afternoon or evening!

1. Sofia Vergara (All hail this year’s HOTTEST TV MILF from Modern Family)

Was there ever any doubt about the lovely Latina who ranks number one on our list of Hottest TV MILFs for 2011?! Sofia Vergara is sexy enough for any man and her hit television show Modern Family makes full use of her sexual charm to entice a massive audience of fans. Whether it’s her TV husband Jay, her son-in-law or anyone else who cums her way – the perfect big tits, model Latina body and sensual accent she uses on the show are enough to keep you smiling all week.

As a side note, how lucky is Ed O’Neill?! Working with #8 Christina Applegate for years on Married With Children before upgrading to #1 Sofia Vergara at the tail end of his career on Modern Family… if that were one of us we would be constantly asking to take a break from the set to rub out another cumshot salute for the sexy Hollywood MILFs in the studio!

And now for your more explicit XXX enjoyment here are two of our top MILF scenes of this week:

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