2012 Election – The Aftermath!

Congratulations all around to Barack Obama and to all you very rational-minded people who voted for him. Even though the United States is more splintered and divided than it’s ever been, at least we can watch T.V without any more fucking political ads featuring that cackling Mormon maniac.

 In Other News…

During all the 2012 election ruckus, the porn industry lost its war on condom-enforced porn. Millions of L.A citizens came out and voted YES for Measure B, which officially makes jimmy hats mandatory for all adult performers no matter what.

“The idea of allowing a government employee to come and examine our genitalia while we’re on set is atrocious,” said pornstar Amber Lynn at an anti-Measure B rally..

Porn’s golden boy and emerging mainstream star, James Deen had this to say:

“I don’t know what happens next. I assume a good amount of people will take their business out of the county of Los Angeles. Others might stay and alter their shooting style.  I don’t see too many people staying as the bill for the expenses is now trying to be pushed onto us.”

So there you have it. Porn producers have their collective backs against the walls. Some will be forced to make a product nobody wants. Others will likely uproot their operations elsewhere resulting in even less jobs for California. But the arguing and debating are now both moot points. It doesn’t matter. This law is real. Now I’ll pose this burning question to you: Can you really handle your porn with condoms?

Weed legalized in Colorado and Washington

Well, it’s about damn time. Smoking weed for recreational purposes has finally been legalized. But don’t break out the gas mask and ganja yet, because marijuana is still very fucking illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

In 2003, weed was legalized for medicinal reasons in California and as a result,  countless marijuana shops sprouted up all over the state, many run by honest-to-god, hardworking mom and pop types. It was gravy until DEA agents started crashing the party. These government thugs forcefully broke into these shops and seized all that funky bud that was only reserved for people who had a medical license to use weed to nurse whatever ailment their doctor cleared them for.

The decriminalization of pot is happening because so many people want it to. This is a scary trend that extreme right-wingers are going to try to reverse.

We’ll see if this turns out to be too good to be true.

Is Miley Cyrus Gay for Jessie Andrews?

The internet is a abuzz with rumors that obnoxiously trendy celebutante, Miley Cyrus is cheating on her beau, Liam Hemsworth with porn star, Jessie Andrews. Everyone’s got a fantasy porn star they would love to get with. Miley knew about Jessie Andrews for awhile now and contacted her to be featured in Miley’s most recent music video “Decisions.” I guess you can watch it. It’s a pure shite smoothie fortified with the awful dial-up modem sounds of dubstep. Fucking robot seizure music. Listen up, you soulless pop music svengalis, just because dubstep is popular right now, doesn’t mean you have to shoehorn it in every fucking song. It’s transparent and pathetic.


Check out our Jessie Andrews scenes!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!


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