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2257 and Identity Theft

Last year someone got a hold of my personal information and went to town with it. They took out over 10 of those payday loans. A year later I’m still dealing with the nightmare. And trust me when I say, it has been a nightmare.  Even with a police report it’s been next to impossible to clear up some of these. The second I make some headway, they sale the loan or some creditor takes over the file and I have to start over. As a result of this, my credit score has taken a big fat nosedive. It’s so low I didn’t even realize that credit scores could go that low.

Anyway, the point of me sharing all of this with you, is that the very information they used to do this to me, is the same information we are required to collect and keep on file for thousands of performers under the current 2257 regulations.

We have their real name, address, social security card, driver’s license and sometimes a copy of their passport too. Hell we even have a copy of their actual signature. Any one can go out there right now and do the exact same thing that was done to me, to any porn star because they have everything at their fingertips — All of the information they need to steal that performers identity.


Don’t get me wrong, I realize we need some sort of regulation to prove that performers are over 18. I am 100% for that. But our current system isn’t perfect.

The problem isn’t typically with the original producer. It’s what happens to that scene after the fact. Content producers are liquidating those scenes right now sometimes for as low as $1 to $5 per scene and the photo sets can go for as low as $.50 each. And every time some webmaster guys any of that, they get a copy of all of that performers information.

There are thousands and thousands of adult sites out there who buy content. Maybe not a lot but they buy enough to keep their websites going. Every single scene they buy, they gain access to a performers personal information. Ideally they store that information away and never do anything bad with it. But it only takes one guy – one jackass to not be so ethical.

Is it really fair to put all of our performers at risk like this?

I always said there needed to be some sort of central repository that producers turn over their 2257 records to. Each performer would have a file, sort of like their own Facebook page (but private). Their personal information is kept on file and when a producer wants to hire said performer, all she has to be is refer them to their verified 2257 compliant page through this central repository. Now if the government needs to verify the identity or age of a certain performer, they only need to go to one place to do that – because this repository would have all the information they need on this performer to verify her age.

No producer or website own when they bought the content would ever actually get a copy of her driver’s license or social security card. They would instead just use her repository ID #. Any new girl wanting to do porn must have their file created at the central repository and verified. They will keep her ID, social security card, passport, etc. They will know all of her private and personal details. Producers would only ever use her repository id #.

If a company films a scene, then licenses it out to website owners, they would turn over the performer’s stage name and repository # – not her personal and private information. Not a copy of her driver’s license and social security card.

Doesn’t a system like this make far more sense? We are putting adult performers needlessly at risk, when we don’t have to. We have a centralized testing system – so why not a centralized identity verification system as well?


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