25 of the Hottest and Sexiest Female Politicians of the World!

Don’t let this shit happen again. Romney = Bush 2.0

//Political Rant Starts Now: 

If there was ever a time for you to pay attention to politics, it’s right fucking now. The 2012 election is mere days away and there’s a real chance that crazy Mormon fuck, Mitt Romney could get elected.

If you thought George W. Bush was societal poison, wait until you see chronic liar Mitt Romney at the wheel. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we? Bush was widely regarded as being Dick Cheney’s little S&M monkey. Everyone at one point thought Bush was quasi-retarded and they were right. Bush wasn’t evil per se, just really shockingly stupid.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has been caught blatantly lying about everything from his tax returns to Jeep outsourcing parts and labor to China (which is utter bullshit). Even when this SOB gets caught red-handed, he just spins whatever latest gaffe into slogans for his next T.V ad!

Mitt Romney will say anything and everything to win. He’s like a self-entitled Lannister brat with a sadistic disregard for the so-called “47%.” Oh, and he also wants to ban abortion rights across the board, making abortions completely illegal up to the federal level.  This is the same deluded motherfucker who believes in magic divining rocks and polygamy. We’ve all seen that South Park Mormon episode/documentary. That’s one of the rare times when life is stranger than fiction.

Where Bush was a simpering puppet president with an affinity for children’s books and public memory blackouts, Mitt Romney is a well-practiced con artist who graduated summa cum laude from Beezlebub’s School of Lies and Avarice.



For those of you who couldn’t care less about crusading for public reforms and championing crucial legislature for the betterment of society, scroll down that greasy mouseball and check out the sexiest, hottest female politicians in the world!

1.) Alina Kabaeva

Age: 29
Position: Member of Russian Legislature


2.) Angela Gerekou

Age: 53
Position: Used to serve on Greece’s Hellenic Parliament

3.) Anna Maria Galojan

Age: 30
Position: Estonian Political Scientist / Foreign and Energy policy analyst at Baltic News

4.) Belinda Stronach

Age: 46
Position: Ex-member of Canadian Parliament in the House of Commons (2004-2008)

5.) Carla Bruni

Age: 41
Position: Married to French President Nicolas Sarkozy

6.) Emma Kiernan

Age: 30
Position: One-time Political Candidate for Ireland

7.) Erin Burnett

Age: 36
Position: Super-hot and sexy, smart liberal political journalist (CNN)

8.) Eunice Olsen

Age: 35
Position:  Member of Parliament (Singapore)

9.) Eva Kaili

Age: 33
Position: Member of Greece’s Hellenic Parliament (2004-2012)

10.) Hina Rabbani Khar

Age: 35
Position: Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

11.) Julia Bonk

Age: 26
Position: Youngest member of Germany’s Parliament

12.) Julie Roginsky

Age: 35
Position: Democratic political strategist

13.) Kate Middleton

Age: 30
Position: Princess

14.) Kimberly Guilfoyle

Age: 43
Position: Evil Political Analyst for FOX News

15.) Leslie Marshall

Age: MILF-y
Position: Liberal Radio Talk Host

16.) Mara Carfagna

Age: 36
Position: Italian Minister of Equal Opportunity (ex-topless dancer)

17.) Meghan McCain

Age: 28
Position: Republican columnist, author, blogger. Daughter of John McCain

18.) Nicole Petallides

Age: 41
Position: FOX Business News Anchor

19.) Orly Levy

Age: 38
Position: Israeli politician. Deputy speaker for the Knesset

20.) Queen Rania

Age: 42
Position: Queen of Jordan

21.) Ruby Dhalla

Age: 38
Position: Canadian politician. Served in the House of Commons (2004 – 2011)

22.) Sarah Palin

Age: 48
Position: ‘Merica’s dumbest politician, Maverick

23.) Sethrida Geagea

Age: 45
Position: Lebanese politician

24.) Yulia Tymoshenko

Age: 51
Position: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister (currently jailed for corruption)


25.) Yuri Fugikawa

Age: 32
Position: Japanese City Councilwoman


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