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25 random facts about Ashlee Adams

Ashlee Adams of


Ashlee says-

1. I was a fat, ugly, loser geek in high school. I was teased by girls and completely ignored by boys.

2. I hate socks. I don’t know why but I just don’t like them. I only own two pairs, one for the gym and one to wear underneath my boots at work when I’m dancing.

3. I believe in zombies, but I don’t believe in god.

4. I have never been on a date. Not one, in my whole entire life. Boys never want to take me out anywhere, and when they do, I am far too suspicious of their motives and always say no.

5. My hair is naturally light blonde and my skin is as pale as can be. Black hair dye and fake tan are the best things ever.

6. I have been diagnosed with hypochondria. Usually every couple of weeks I choose a random terminal illness and get completely convinced that I have it and am about to drop dead. It costs me a lot of money in doctor bills.

7. I have no desire to procreate. Children annoy me. I’d much rather have many cats.

8. The only reason I even started using MySpace was because a few years ago I Googled my name and it turned up a bunch of MySpace pages with my name on them, and I found someone using my photos and pretending to be me. The fake me had a lot of friends, and I figured since people on here liked the fake me, maybe they’d like the real me even better.

9. At my old strip club, I once had a regular customer place $18,000 cash in my hand and say that I could keep it if I slept with him just once. I gave the money back, because some things just can’t be bought.

10. I really want fake boobs but I am too scared that I will die under the general anaesthetic to ever get them.

11. Green is my favourite colour.

12. I own more lingerie, costumes and sex toys than any other girl I know. Gotta love having a wholesalers license.

13. My bed has red sheets and a leopard print duvet cover. It’s so fucking pimp. I figure that since I pretty much always sleep alone, I might as well have a sexy bed haha.

14. Not many people can list of as much random trivia about serial killers as I can.

15. At school I was amazing at physics, but awful at mathematics. Even though physics is heavily maths based, physics is maths with a point. If I can do a complex equation to find out why something in the world happens the way it does, then it holds my interest, but I just don’t give a fuck what the derivative of x is.

16. I have never consumed one cup of coffee in my entire life, nor have I ever had one puff of a cigarette. Not that I can sit on a moral high-horse, I’ve put a lot of shit up my nose over the years.

17. I am horribly untidy and disorganised. I wish it weren’t so, but it’s just the way I am.

18. I go to the Harry Potter movie premieres in costume.

19. I only eat four animals: Cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. It’s really weird but for some reason the thought of eating any other animals freaks me out. Even with those four, I am extremely fussy. I eat bacon (but it has to be very well cooked), I eat ham (but it must be very thinly shaved and on a sandwich or pizza with many other things) but I will not eat roast pork or pork ribs. I’ll eat steak, but not veal. Chicken breast, but not thigh.

20. I don’t really understand the concept of ‘dancing’ when you’re at a club. I hate nightclubs. Guys always ask me to dance with them and I don’t understand how you are supposed to dance ‘with’ someone. When I go out I am a ‘sit/stand around and socialise’ person. I guess maybe it’s cos dancing is what I do for a living.

21. I think O. J. Simpson did it.

22. I think that taking pleasure in being mean to people and making others feel bad about themselves is one of the lowest personality traits a person can have.

23. 23 is my favourite number. Mostly cos my birthday is August 23. In terms of single digit numbers, my favourite is 6.

24. I have a scar on my belly button from where my old piercing got caught in another girl’s bracelet and got ripped out.

25. I have a foot phobia. I can’t have people touch my feet at all, it makes me squirm and freaks me out.

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