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30 women accuse Pornhub of profiting from videos posted without their consent

Maybe Alana will launch an “investigation” into this, be the secret witness

Isabella says she was in high school and only 17 when her boyfriend coerced her into making a nude video.

She says she forgot about it until she was in college and received a text from a close friend: “I didn’t know you did porn.” She learned a link to that video had been anonymously posted on Pornhub without her knowledge or consent.

“Immediately, I knew it was me. I mean, my face, my outfit — immediately,” she said. “My heart dropped into my stomach.”

Isabella, who is using a pseudonym to protect her identity, says Pornhub did not try to contact her to confirm her age or to ask whether the video had been consensual.

CBS News spoke with four of the 34 women, including Isabella, who have joined a lawsuit against MindGeek, the company behind Pornhub and dozens of the world’s most popular pornography websites.

The civil suit, filed Thursday, accuses the company of running a “criminal enterprise.” Pornhub markets itself as a mainstream site for adult content and says it yields 130 million users each day — more than Netflix or Amazon. But the women suing the company have accused it of exploiting them for profit, hosting and promoting graphic videos of rape, revenge porn and even videos that depict child sexual abuse.

Isabella said more than 200,000 people ultimately watched the video — “including everybody at my college, pretty much,” she said.

“The view count on the video will forever haunt my dreams,” she said. “Just knowing that that many people saw it really messed me up.”

After learning how many people had seen her video on Pornhub, she said she battled with a sense of shame and worthlessness and had to transfer schools. She couldn’t look in a mirror for six months and drew into isolation, she said, fearful that people at her new school would recognize her.

And she struggled with the feeling that she’d brought this on herself. “It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I am a victim of something,” she said.

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