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3D Printed Selfie Statues


You know technology is getting out of hand when you can pose like Michelangelo’s Fucking David, get yourself a full body scan in real time, and have a perfect replica action figure of yourself in your hands just waiting to shock and awe every visitor to your house when they see it proudly displayed on the mantel. This nutjob with some highly distinguishable body art dished out $405 to make that exact scenario happen, and the net caught wind of it. This thing looks SO real, that it looks like you could actually catch smelly wind from its tiny farts. Don’t believe me? Check it: (click the images to expand them)


This photoset was made famous just the other day on reddit. The submitter of the post luckily gave some awesome background information on this absurd act of indecency – basically, the figurine was created by a company by the name of my3Dtwin. He got fully scanned by a 3D scanner, and once the final product was completed, it was delivared to him for a steep price of 250£ / 320€ / $405 (just a little currency conversion for ya’ there). 3D printing has gotten so awesome and advanced now, that this model wasn’t even painted after the fact – it was PRINTED with colour already embedded in the figure!







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