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$42,000 Camshow!

So with camshows on our mind here at, we’ve caught wind of some mind blowing news revolving around a recent BDSM camshow. It seems a fetish company has held an auction for a live, 1 on 1 webcam session with a pornstar by the name of Maitresse Madeline. Apparently the bidding was fierce, and it came down to 4 individuals battling it out with their wallets over who would get this coveted private show. They called it “the 1% of webcam clients” involved in this lucrative new business model. After bidding topped the $10K mark, things really got heated. The final bid ended at forty-two-thousand dollars to some Australian person. WHAT THE FUCK! (The payment actually cleared, too).


  • One-hour, live custom BDSM sexual encounter with Ms. Madeline via webcam
  • Her email address and the promise of ongoing contact
  • A one-year VIP membership to all websites
  • Signed photos of Ms. Madeline
  • An HD recording of their hour
  • Plus any props used during the session

I suppose if money ain’t an issue, that’s a pretty swell care package! What else is swell, is this whole thing translates to $700 a MINUTE for the party responsible for this spectacle! Wow! Check out some behind the scenes on this whole thing:


…we here at PORN.COM have big things cookin’ up in the livecam department! You can now BROADCAST YOURSELF and interact absolutely free right here on our website for the world to see! Just fire up your personal webcam, and you’re an (porn)-hero in seconds! Here’s how:

But that’s not all – stay tuned as we have major change-ups coming to our weekly Friday pornstar broadcasts in the near future! We know you’re gonna love it.

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