5 Reasons Why You Need to Boost Up Your Sex Life

Sex means different things to many people; some men and women look at it as an extra activity, others find it enjoyable and relaxing or essential to their marriage. Why do we have sex? Our bodies are designed to have sex to continue our species’ existence. Not only does sex feels amazing, but it affects the body inside out. According to latest studies, couples that have sex regularly -once or twice a week- show incredible health and gain benefits that affect their wellbeing emotionally and physically.

There are many reasons to have sex more often, so here are five benefits you can consider to boost your sex life with your loved one:

 1.       You will have a successful relationship


It is a misconception that men like sex just for the act and not the emotions behind it. Studies show that men use sex as the language to express intimacy, love, and affection. On the other hand, women like to talk and connect before having sex. In the end, making love to your partner will increase your bond and will help you emotionally connect. Did you know that sex directly contributes to divorce rates; couples who express their love through sex tend to stay together longer than couples who don’t show their love through any physical or sexual means.


In long-term relationships, the frequency of sex may -if not often- change over time, but that doesn’t mean it will get worse. Having more sex makes it better, and it also improves your libido and vaginal lubrication in women. You can always spice it up from time to time; try to check an adult store for sex toys you can both use to enjoy a thrilling sexual experience together. Exploring new options by bringing in sex toys to the bedroom might actually spark excitement in what might have been a routine activity.


2.       You’ll develop a better lifestyle


Sex can also benefit you and your partner individually; there are different chemicals our bodies produce during and after sex that will help in fundamental lifestyle routines.


During sex, the exercise you perform burns 5 calories in a minute, and releases endorphins which is known as the “feel good” chemicals. They reduce stress, regulates your mood, and reduces specific pain such as migraines, and back and leg aches.


While stimulating women’s nipples, the oxytocin hormone is released, which is also known as the “hug drug.” It is the same hormone released while breastfeeding; which creates a sense of pleasure and calmness. Finally, orgasms release a prolactin hormone which helps in sleeping better.


So, you will end up with better fitness, a calmer mood, and better sleeping patterns when you have regular sex. Then hunger will strike eventually, so make better choices while eating for your well-being and sexual performance.


3.       You’ll improve your health


People with high sexual activity get sick less; their body releases high levels of antibodies called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which build a healthy immune system against germs and viruses. Besides that, their testosterone and estrogen levels are always balanced. It is considered that sexual activity helps dilate blood vessels, increasing the oxygen and nutrients to the cell and reduce blood pressure. A study in 2018, experimenting on 6,000 adults, found that frequent sex was associated with better cognitive memory in older people at the age of 50 years and older.


Great sex is a good workout that strengthens women’s bones and pelvic floor muscles. Those muscles control orgasm and strengthens the flow of urine, which helps in avoiding incontinence-which hits about 30% of women every year, especially as they age. Sex even helps soothe period cramps; so while orgasming, those muscles contracting down there are releases tension from your uterus muscles simultaneously.


Frequent sex for men helps with the sperm quality and fertility which increases pregnancy chances for women. It also drastically increases testosterone levels. Additionally, studies show that men who ejaculate frequently have fewer chances to get prostate cancer.


4.       You’ll get the healthy glow


Has it ever happened when someone sees you and comments on how you look different today and all what you can remember is that you had only sex today? Well, it is true, after great sex, women and, men may experience a post-sex glow that can last for 48 hours.


This glow is the outcome of all hormones induced in your body, as mentioned before. Endorphins won’t only make you feel happy; it has an anti-inflammatory effect on your complexion. Better than that, when estrogen levels in women increase, it enriches skin elasticity and collagen that will show your wrinkles less. This glow will be accompanied with blushed cheeks-“sex blush”- which is a sign of increased blood circulation in your body.


Post-sex glow, says a lot about your relationship; it’s not just about how frequent you have sex, but the quality and emotions conveyed. Studies have shown that couples who experience the afterglow are most likely to have a satisfying long-term relationship.


5.       You’ll improve your mental health


Sexually active women and men are less likely to get into depression. When serotonin, which is the body’s natural antidepressant, levels rise after sex, most couples will smile, feel satisfied, and have high self-esteem. Self-esteem is the building blocks of self-confidence; both sexes will feel sexually powerful; thus, they will feel good and love themselves more. Some people may even feel sexier and increase their attractiveness to others. Sex will make you happy overall, so start your day with some morning passion; the boost in your mood can last for the whole day and can ease throughout the day tensions between couples.


After extensive research done by a clinical neuropsychologist, they’ve found out that men and women who are sexually active with a regular partner for years looked seven years younger than their real age. Nevertheless, it’s not about having sex every day but about love and passion. Many long-term couples tend to have sex less; there are a variety of reasons, as mentioned above, as to why you should boost your sex life. It will definitely bring you closer and bring joy to your relationship.

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