8chan rest in peace! What are the alternatives?

Porn boards sites still remain the best way to discover free porn, memes, GIFs, videos, movies, series and of course some blissful erotic porn photos anonymously. And thou they are also often than most times crude and easily manipulated. I bet anyone who doesn’t take shit personally will be more than okay to be basking in one.

Now, 8Chan was for many years such a solid ground for anything porn whether cooked, cooking or already served. However, following the many different boards also on board with some even featuring disturbing terrorist attacks forecasts and reports the site has been recently taken down. And I know it’s a bit unfortunate since some of us have actually been able to access some pretty cool porn content from the site over the years.

However, there is no need to be all gloomy about it, since there are so many other alternatives that can fill up the gap left by this fallen jerking angel. And am pretty positive that you, my fellow porn enthusiasts, will not only be delighted by what you find in these porn image boards, but there is also a solid chance that you’ll take to them like fish to water. Now let’s get into why:

1. 4Chan

Meet the internet’s asshole 4Chan! This site leaks of filth ranging from the weirdest to the most disgusting shit ever, probably best for users hooked to fetish porn or extremely hardcore acts. This image board is free to access both from your desktop and hand devices, plus there are no limitations on downloads. Also, you can have fun interacting with other weirdos in a highly active community where dozens of erotic photos and porn videos are shared anonymously.

2. U18Chan

Let your furry porn desires and fantasies see the light of day in ‘full-blown milk all you want’ content available only on U18Chan! This image board is one of a kind bringing together furry porn-loving motherfuckers from all over the world to not only interact but share both erotic images and steaming hot furry porn of various subgenres under the furry porn category. Apart from the free furry porn content unlimited access and download, there is a spark of quality right from the browsing friendly site design and features all the way down to the content itself.

3. AnonSharer

NSFW content lives and reigns only on the image board, I mean this site is full of anonymous NSFW crazy freaks who just keep uploading fresh content almost every passing second. All these simply translating to the uniqueness and authenticity of every bit with the highest possibility of NSFW fanatics jerking off to beautiful sexy babes naughty shows they might never come across anywhere else. What can I say? If it’s not on AnonSharer, then it probably doesn’t exist!

4. 420Chan

Normal people could be boring ASF and its logic to want to surround yourself with pervasive freaks with a thing or two for porn and of course erotic talk. Now, 420Chan is a community of rogue freaks who take delight in making random conversations about practically anything whether it’s porn, erotic or just generally about sex. Also, the site enables the users to stay anonymous to be able to maximize on their freedom of expression as well as sharing of porn content no matter how filthy as long as it’s within their ranks. Now, if you sincerely know you belong to this sort of revolution, join in the fun ASAP!

5. BBWChan

Are you a fool for meaty sexy babes? Come on in to this fun train of BBWChan where all the big women with big titties, phat asses, thick thighs, puffy pussy lips and among other big body parts, big tummies are not only appreciated but drooled and fucked day in day out. Now, this increasingly popular image board continues to grow it’s big beautiful women’s sexy and erotic content’s archives as sick perverts continue wanking on to them online and offline through free unlimited downloads courtesy of the site.

6. 7Chan

7Chan a similar replica to 4Chan image board site that’s now popularly frequented by old 4Chan veterans allows users to not only post content anonymously but also share all sorts of erotic content. The site is free, easy to use, a strong advocate for free interactions between erotically motivated individuals and has no restrictions on how much content a user can upload or download. From GIFs, exciting erotic movie scenes, celebrity leaks all the way down to amateur or professional porn, you can trust 7Chan to keep you duly entertained.

7. PregChan

PregChan is for all pregophiliac maniacs who find pregnant horny bitches pretty intriguing and a tad jerk worthy. I mean, it’s a fucking image board just like the rest of the Chan’s only that it’s dedicated to pregnant animated sexy chicks with a strong craving for dick. The users with the privilege to upload, share, and download this sort of content share photos, images, and porn featuring these pregnant bitches fucking or being fucked at any given time. Which makes the site merely a sure pregnant fetish fulfillment arena.

8. TheBArchive

The archive is for users with an eye, craving, or addition to both NSFW and SFW content. Lots of such content, whether in erotic images, GIFs, memes, short clips, or simply full videos are uploaded quite often on the site including both hentai and anime content. No wonder the site is bursting it’s seems with loads of content from various anonymous contributors who are dedicated to ensuring that your daily dose of naughty NSFW and SFW content is delivered each day for even more frequent and delightful fap sessions.

9. ArchiveOfSins

ArchiveOfSins is all about freaky pornography, from actual people fucking in 2D drawings all the way down to animations of 3D quality. I mean we all want something to help as break from the norm of ordinary fake porn, don’t we? Well, you can take it from me that ArchiveOfSins just like the way the name suggests is quite the place to go to for all things in porn termed as weird from vanilla assholes licking all the way down to disgusting and hardcore porn acts. Now, you decide.

10. iChan

iChan is probably the only free image board site that allows users not only the freedom of anonymity while posting and interacting with other individuals but is also customizable. There are also about 14 free to interact in boards were the each encompassing a wide range of erotically inspired topics and you can be sure to find lots of quality premium erotic photos, clips or even porn videos. Besides, users can get notifications for posts via Twitter. Impressive, huh? I thought so too.


Am sure the above sites will be enough to keep the image porn boards sharing and unlimited content flowing. Because you know what? Porn, just like life, must go on despite how many soldiers are lost along the way. Farewell thee 8Chan for all the delightful porn you brought forth, you served well, you know until….

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