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A BLACK Jersey Shore Parody by Grindhouse, All Right!


Grindhouse Pictures to Release The Jersey Shore:A XXX Black Parody

Where the Brothas and Sistas Do It Right!
Los Angeles, CA/April 22nd, 2010 – From Mitchell Spinelli’s Grindhouse Porn Label comes the porn parody of all porn parody’s this summer – The Jersey Shore: A XXX Black Parody, the next parody of the highly hysterical and completely over-the-top reality show Jersey Shore.
As more casts from different ethnic backgrounds begin production for MTV, what better time to bring out The Jersey Shore: A XXX Black Parody!
Set to release June 17th, 2010, The Jersey Shore: A XXX Black Parody has an all-star black cast, starring the insatiable Simone Taylor as fireball Pookie. Taylor knocks this out of the park! Watch out; if you mess with her, she’ll lick your ass.  Stacy Adams stars as Z-Wow, and her rack explains her moniker.  Other players include such Nubian talent as Cassidy Clay, Melody Nakai, and Imani Rose.


The film was written and directed by Award-winning director Jax.
For the men, CJ Wright stars as Ron E; Nat Turner stars as Joey C; and Prince Yahshua stars as The Engima, The Situation’s bigger, badder and blacker other half that no one really understands! This fist pumping, gang-banging, totally horny cast of The Jersey Shore: A XXX Black Parody tells the story of how the real summer crowd gets turned on using the ocean and sandy beaches of New Jersey as its background.
“We had an incredible time with this amazing cast,” says Mitchell Spinelli, who produced the film. “The action between everyone was incredible, you will want this for the sex, and show it to friends because, who doesn’t love Jersey Shore?”
The Enigma has his abs.  Don’t mess with Z-Wow.  Wing Man Ron E is all biz-niss, while the totally awesome Star knows her way around more than just Jersey.  Pookie will pull out anything she needs to lick your ass if anyone gets up in her grill and then pleasure herself, and anyone else, that comes in her wake.  Add one stick of Dynamite with Princess and Amani and you’ll have one big gang-bang down at The Jersey Shore:  A XXX Black Parody.


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