A Clusterfuck Of Internet Funny!!!

This blog post is dedicated to the wild, crazy and funny shit we find on the internet each and everyday.  What boggles my mind the most about this is, the internet has become a wasteland of funny, inappropriate and craziest stuff any of us can imagine.  It’s very insane because when I was a kid, and the internet was just starting out, the concept of what its become is quite astonishing.  From the weird, to the wise, to the future, to the past….It’s just unbelievable to see how things get censored on T.V, then the request is to pull it down off the net, and guess what?  If you search it, you will find.

The thing that’s amusing me as of late, are these…..  Bitches with no teeth!!!



Another thing that makes me laugh right now is, crazies with no eyebrows!!!



This may be a bit rude, but I figured I’d post this in a separate section since by the picture, it’s clear she’s probably due to lose her teeth pretty naturally anyways.


And now for some most random excellent stuff!!!

(above) watch how the cum shoots off her face following the lines in her cheeks like a fucking railroad track!!!


I have a feeling her breasts are listening to fuckin’ SLAYER!!!!!!!



Just some more random funny porn pics, that make me do some double takes.



WARNING: Never try and focus too much on what the camera guy is saying, he’s literally trying to set you up for a classic Dick Slap!






Who in their right minds decided any of these would be a good idea???  The funniest thing about these logos are not that they look like porn related spoofs.  The funniest thing about these logos are that they were passed by specific marketing and advertising heads who get paid an amazing amount of money to give these products and companies the best “face” they can come up with.   Dick and balls.  That’s what they came up with.  Dick…and balls….shame.



So with all this in mind, we can always say, “oh shit these are nothing compared to the shit I see when my wife is at work, and I’m cruising the internet…”  Now I’m not proclaiming this is the damn near funniest shit we’ve ever seen on the net.  I’m saying, these are great comparison’s to the crazy bullshit you can see on the net.  Some of this stuff makes me laugh my ass off, for the simple fact that, life has simply gotten ridiculous.  We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time I suppose.  But remember, what you do on this earth, will long be remembered on the internet for generations to come.  Be ware what you post, where you post it, and what you involve yourself in.  The truth is, you never know who is going to find it, and when it will come back to bite you in the ass.   (Miss Delaware anyone?)  Or how about the bullshit politicians that go on to blow their brains out after some sex scandal?

This blog post was dedicated to my A.D.D buddies out there, that can’t stick to one post from beginning to end.   Sometimes one  topic is too much to focus on, and I understand.  So i involved a shitload of other side topics within, to make sure we can jump from one to another without skipping a beat!

Consider this one more of a multi-platform post, April is the month of Randomness.

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