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A Day In The Life Of A Pornstar – Mia Li

Mia Li - A Day In The Life Of A Pornstar

Ever wondered what your favorite porn stars do when they’re not in front of the camera?  How do they spend their days? What do they like to do?  Today we share a special glimpse into the life of one of the industry’s biggest names, Mia Li.

This YouTube video from the folks at BuzzFeedVideo continues their series on the porn industry. They routinely feature videos focused on adult stars, industry misconceptions and more. Today, they follow adult star Mia Li to find out what makes her tick.

Upon arriving at Mia’s house, we are introduced to her ukulele collection.Mia has music in her heart and loves to perform.

Mia Li - A Day In The Life

Mia Li also loves rock climbing and we get a look at her form as she ascends. She certainly has an active lifestyle and it helps her stay in shape.

This accomplished Asian pornstar is so bubbly and cute! You learn quickly that she is very mindful of how she is on camera and working in porn the last 3 years has helped her develop these skills.

She answers questions about how long she’s been in the industry, what was her motivation for doing porn and so on. Mia has always been a sexual person so the transition into an adult film career seemed like a good fit for her.

Mia Li - A Day In The Life of a Pornstar

Mia also reveals tips on working with a camera or webcam and even talked about how many orgasms she’s had in a single day (hint: we need to send the numbers out to NASA for calculations.)

Watch the video for yourself and see Mia in a new light.

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Mia Li - Asian Pornstar

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