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A Famous Poet Inspired by Audrey Bitoni- Poetry on LIB- a first!

“from her eyes like a livid sky where the hurricane is born,
the softness that fascinates and the pleasure that kills”
Charles Baudelaire ‘1857’

Francois Drouin is a pretty famous writer/poet.  He ‘s been published in print and on line and he runs “Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s in San Fran. He also has a radio program The Porno Literati on KUSF. He finds” beauty in seemingly sordid sources.” Which is a good thing for us, being as sordid as we all are. Francois wrote a poem dedicated to Audrey Bitoni.

The Mysteries Of Aud ( The Aud, The Awed, The Odd, The Aude )
For AB ~

by Francois Drouin
Succumbing to the Kitty Kurious
That resides in the inside of me
That face on the piano
Feline fascination streaming from your visage
Alt. soundscapes beyond the rim of the real
I am awed by the thought of Aud
Lost and found in the mysteries of Odd
The Aud, The Awed, The Odd, The Aude.
Once upon a time in Paris a Star
Told me i have a fetish for eyes
I think that Star was right
Watching the wind whip thru my mind
Inner landscapes, expanses of thigh high
As the eye wanders and wonders
About the mysteries of Aud
The Awed, The Odd, The Aud, The Aude.
Lioness, a Lionheart beats behind your eyes
August sacrament in the flesh and the word
In this lonely place
Where the Kitty Kurious comes to play
Visions envisioned, staring into the vision
An exploration into rampant Audness in her multiform
The Aud, The Awed, The Odd, The Aude.

Oh for those moments
Of Aud in my life
They say in many ways
Everybody needs a little strange
I sure would love a whole lotta Aud
Driven by accident
Desire and abstracted intent
Take the wheel of the world and drive
I am in love with the idea
of loving the ideal
For me only the impossible will do
the secret sound – the sacred face
Banish from me this occulted strangerhood
The sea and the sky dream out of your eyes
The Aud, The Awed, The Odd, The Aude.

“ miracles happen to me everyday i
expect them to happen and so they do.”
Jean Cocteau – from ‘les Enfants Terrible’

The key
The Aud = AB
The Awed = ; )
The Odd = ???
The Aude = Aude was the legendary lover of Roland hero of
the most famous French “Chanson de Geste” the
“Chanson de Roland.“ Aude passed when her heart
broke asunder upon receiving the news that the
Knight Roland had died in battle protecting France and
Charlemagne. “A dark mark appeared above her heart.”
It was written in the history books.

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