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A few Sex Games

Have you had sex on line?

There are so many ways to have cyber sex and none of them are dangerous to your health! (Unless your wife finds the charges on your credit card bill.)

These days, typing dirty words in a chat room to a partner is as old-fashioned as stealing your Daddy’s Playboy.

Today you can join the online game Second LIfe (, where you choose your charactor’s sex, look, and orientation. Then you interact with other “avators” who have human counterparts around the world. Second LIfe is well known for it’s X-rated content, where cyber hookers make dreams cum true for those who can pay their fees. There are bi, gay, and BDSM community hangouts on Second City also where you can meet and partake in your choosen “sin”. All the while not breaking any laws or vows. After all it’s only a SIM doing it , not you!

Originally Sims-On-Line is one that parents bought for their teens to play with. In it’s beginings the most you could do was “Woo-Hoo” in a bed or hot tub and get pregnant. It’s grown way beyond child’s play now. With the addition of free unsanctioned downloads, you can now walk around naked, change the size of your boobs or penis, have a lesbian love affair, or just change into your dominatrix gear and beat your submissive lover.

Things change quickly in the cyber sex age. Remember when the big thing was to call a Phone sex line?


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