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A look Back at Sasha Grey- interview March 2007

An exclusive article about and interview with Sasha Grey
By Cindi Loftus
Photos courtesy of Evil Angel and Greyscale media /Snake-Eyes

Born and raised in Sacramento California, she was a good girl most of the way through school. It took her awhile to get to be a nasty girl. She started when she was a senior in high school. “It was always there,” she says, “Just never unleashed.” Sasha lost her virginity to a rather vanilla guy. She said, “It didn’t hurt, it actually felt good. But when I moved on to the next guy, we had a very explorative relationship and it taught me a lot about myself. We did everything to each other.”

Sasha Grey did her first ever sex on camera in Evil Angel’s Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge. That performance, which was in a 14 person hard-core orgy, won an AVN award for Best Group Sex Scene. Not bad for a cute little eighteen-year old’s first time out. Sasha tells me, “In that orgy, half of the girls were dominant and half were submissive. I played one of the submissives.” You could say that Sasha started near the top and has stayed there the whole nine months she has been in the industry. Yes, I said nine months. She’s been fucking on film for three quarters of a year and has already done over a hundred movies. She is fucking her brains out almost every day! But she has a lot of brains, so there are still plenty left.

Her favorite scenes so far are in Fashionistas Safado, Fuck Slaves and Fetish Fanatic Chapter 4.

You would think after all this sex Sasha would be satiated. But she still has quite a few unfulfilled fantasies. She wants to do a Bukkake with as many guys as she can take. “It has to be nasty” she says. I have a feeling that Sasha is going to win some of those awards for her nastiness, like porn’s sluttiest girl. “Wonderful” she says to that with a laugh. She doesn’t really care about awards too much anyway.

Sasha’s scene with Belladonna in Fetish Fanatic was sizzling from start to finish. Funny when you think that it happened in Sasha’s second week as a porn girl. It was her third or fourth scene. She can’t remember which. As a matter of fact, when Sasha (wearing a tiny t-shirt that says PIG on it) and Bella first meet in a bedroom and start talking the camera is running because they plan on using this as part of the behind the scenes. What happens instead is that Bella can’t keep her hands off Sasha and before you know it they are playing on the bed. Problem is the scene is supposed to take place in the Bath! So the scene’s unplanned new beginning is now in the bedroom and moves to the bathroom.

Can you even list all the things that Belladonna did to you in that scene I ask Sasha? She cracks up and says “Oh fuck! It was wonderful. Oh my God, It was so amazing.” So she isn’t going to name them I guess. She’s kind of a quiet girl. I’ll name a bit of what Belladonna does to her- smothering with a pillow, squishing with body weight, foot in mouth, hair pulling, slapping and pinching all over, gagging her with a pink dildo, then a huge black anal plug, shoving dildos and fingers in her nether regions, plugging her nose, ATM, douche, enema, and much more. This all happens in one scene between Bella and Sasha, and it’s pretty hot to watch. I can’t imagine watching the whole flick in one sitting as it says on the box cover that it is a five-hour movie with three hours of extras. Belladonna’s Fetish Fanatic Chapter 4 is a three-disc set where you DEFINITELY get your money’s worth!

Bella says that all the passion in this scene is for real. She was really into Sasha. Sasha loved the scene too. She told me “I had always wanted to fuck Belladonna. I didn’t think it would happen that soon in my career. I got lucky. It was one of the most euphoric intense experiences I have ever had. It was so much fun!”

AF: Were you nervous?
Sasha: No. I was so excited!
AF: How often have you laid in bed and fantasized about that experience since then?
Sasha: Oh, many times!
AF: Have you done another scene with Bella yet?
Sasha: No, I am waiting to.
AF: You want too. I don’t blame you. Bella really sizzles on screen. She just oozes sexiness. She is one of the most sexual creatures I have ever seen in my life.
Sasha: Exactly.
AF: What would you like to say about Bella?
Sasha: Go buy her fucking movies because she revolutionized girl/girl porn in my opinion.
AF: True. I was thinking she dropped out to have a baby and we probably won’t see her anymore, and she came back stronger then before. You did a movie for Jake Malone, that you said was one of your favorites. Tell me about Fuck Slaves.
Sasha: That was an intense scene. It was a really long day. When we finally got started it was so amazing. We worked really hard that day. It is one of those scenes to be proud of.
AF: I noticed the girl with the really good suntan was pretty bossy! Her next to you looked like chocolate and vanilla.
Sasha: -(laughs) Pretty much. That’s Sandra Romain.
AF: I know, I was kidding. I’ve seen you play submissives, but you are a bit dominant even in those scenes.
Sasha: I can play both. I am a switch. In all of my scenes I am pretty aggressive. You see a lot of power struggle. Kind of a back and forth type of thing.
AF: What do you want to be known for in the industry?
Sasha: I want to be known as a performer, an artist and a businesswoman.
AF: I want to know the wildest sex you ever had.
Sasha: There is not one time.
AF: Tell me one thing that stands out in your mind over everything else.
Sasha: My boyfriend pulled me out of bed one morning and I am not a morning person. He pissed on me and then we fucked for four hours bright and early in the morning. That is so romantic isn’t it? (laughs)
AF: Well not necessarily romantic, but I love you already and I have only seen two of your movies and talked to you for twenty minutes !
It’s because you are not “normal”, not the everyday average person. I like weird people. And weird and strange are not insults they are compliments.
Sasha: Wonderful! Definitely.
AF: And you are creative, smart, pretty, weird and strange!
Sasha: Thank you.
AF: Is your hair still as long as it was in the Bella scene? (down to her ass)
Sasha: Yes it is.
AF: Someone could tie you up and hang you by your hair.
Sasha: Yes that is something that I actually want to do. But I don’t know if it will happen.
AF: It will now that you have said it here and everyone will read it! By the time you are celebrating your one-year anniversary, you will be able to call the shots. I know you had to work all day yesterday and have to all day tomorrow. I really appreciate you calling me on a Saturday, so we could talk. Do you have a message for your fans?
Sasha: Yes. Challenge the system and challenge yourself!
AF: Great! I will see you in a couple weeks when you are down here at the convention at the Genesis booth.
Sasha: Right. I’ll see you then!

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