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A NEW Case of HIV? Or just a NEW TEST?

Since the report that the HIV+ individual was working on a condom only set, chances are about 90% that it was a gay male filming company. The rumors around support my conjecture. Now here’s the problem no one is thinking of…

It is a well known “secret” that some gay performers have HIV and continue to work. They use condoms too. They stay working because the gay industry doesn’t follow a monthly testing regimen like the straight side does.

So what if a performer that is HIV+, has been for years, and continues to work and all of a sudden gets tested? It just looks like another PORN PERFORMER got infected in the industry, when that’s probably not what happened.

Why would thing happen? Just a theory on my part, but doesn’t it make sense to you that some big anti-porn pro condom “charity” with lots of money could start having HIV+ individuals come forward with a new positive test to make the whole industry look bad? And then spin the whole incident and start their new marketing campaign HIV didn’t spread because of CONDOMS!

Just a thought.

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