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A Personal Problem, my newest…

My Bad Day isn’t all that bad, right?

I went to the doctor today, ( Dr Z)  and had to get a cortozone shot in my shoulder. The needle was like 5 inches long and had to go between the shoulder bone and the round joint of the socket.

The doctor told me it would not hurt. And that he was a great shot giver and I wouldn’t even feel it. He was FULL OF SHIT. And truthfully, I don’t like to deal with the medical profession too much to begin with. But I do it because I have too. (car accident, not my fault)

 I thought he was okay until today. I would have rather he told me the truth then tell me it would be fine and not hurt. FUCK YOU! It hurt like hell, You stuck a fucking needle into my shoulder muscle and kept it there for like three minutes while you shot in your load.

 I’m kind of pissed at myself that i believed him. But I am more pissed at him for giving me bullshit. “It will sting a little.” “You did better then 99% of my patients.”  You will be fine, it won’t even hurt. Yeah, I believed you….. ASSHOLE

 I was just feeling sorry for myself now that it is 5am, in a bitchy and whiney way all this night and morning because of this.   Of course no one was listening to me. I was pretty much talking to myself.

But it is now 8am the next morning, and I didn’t go to sleep all night,  because my shoulder is throbbing, as a matter of fact I can feel my heart beat from the top of my shoulder to the tip of my middle finger, and I have a headache on top of it. Uhmm, did giving me some pain meds occur to you Dr Z?

NO? Probably because you are so good at giving shots that they don’t even hurt.

Anyone want to slap him for me? Or do i get the pleasure of doing it myself.

And on top of that he told me that this is an aggressive one month treatment so I can hopefully get better because if I don’t i will have to have invasive surgery.

This one month treatment is the shot and then physical therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

I have no idea what that will entail. But can you imagine taking off three hours a day three times a week, and still getting your work done? I can’t either…..

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