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A Quickie Lisa Daniels

Lisa Daniels interview by jb
lisa daniels barely72
How did you get started in the industry?
I started off by doing live camming, and then I met some people that worked in the industry and then it pretty much took off from there

What’s been your most “memorable” scene so far?
I think all my scenes are pretty memorable LOL But, if there’s one that stands out the most, it had to be the sky diving shoot I did for reality kings.

What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?
For some reason I really enjoy shower scenes. I think it’s sexy with all that water cascading on you and the other person.

Do you have a favorite performer or director to work with?
I just love working with hot girls. And love my webmaster @mrbillfox

Have you noticed that the “Condom Law” has effected your work, for good or bad?
It has not effected me yet, knock on wood LOL

Are you as sexy off camera, as on?

Oh yes, I’m pretty much the same on or off camera. I feel sexy just wearing wife beater and jeans

What do you do in your time off from working?

I love traveling, shopping, cooking, and having dinner with friends
We all love our fans, do you have a favorite “encounter” with a fan?

Not that I can think of right away, I love going on the store and event signings with the Galaxy Publicity girls all across the country. It’s fun meeting my fans in person.

If you weren’t working in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing?
I would probably still be working in skin care

Have you ever been recognized in public?
Yes I have, and always love to meet the fans
What’s you new projects?
I have some new projects in the works with @weare321llc but can’t speak about them yet

Any advice for a new performer starting out in the industry?
Stay humble, and keep your spirits up, don’t get wound up with all the negativity and gossip, just go in and do your work and have fun!

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