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A Quickie- Tia Cyrus

A quickie- Tia Cyrus by JB
How did you get started in the industry?
The year was 2008, I had met Shyla Stylez feature dancing at my club over in Kansas City MO “Bazooka Showgirls”. Where I have been working nights as a house dancer. While she “Shyla”  featured, we had exchanged numbers and became friends within months. I never thought i would become a part of the adult industry due to me not really having much personal sexual encounters. I had moved in with a friend in Cali  before my 19th birthday and was taken to my first porn party…..where I met Shy Love who has been representing me till this day over at ATMLA aka Adult talent Managers. 
What’s been your most “memorable” scene so far?
 So far the most memorable scene has been my squirting scene with Rico Strong coming out real soon for Bang Bros, shot by Shooter of course. Never did that before and was a little shock i could squirt! lol

What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?

 I enjoy three-some’s, why: Cause in reality the only way to get me off…is to have me some pussy and dick. I started off as a lesbian and worked my way to cock in my school years. And to have both, it just would complete my lifestyle oh so much. A girl that can eat pussy and the dick that can make me squirt……THE JOY!

Do you have a favorite performer or director to work with?

Directors over at Zero Tolerance, ALL of them are a joy to work with….they know how to make a cast happy, comfortable, and shoots are always fast to the exact detail. 
Shooter over at Bang Bros, Love the way he gets the reality version of Tia Cyrus, and shows that PORN doesn’t have to have plot to get the fans attention. Every shoot I do for them over at Bang Bros is always wild and crazy fun.

Male Talent Favorites: 
Eric Everhard, Princes Yasusha, Rico Strong, John Strong!

Female Talent Favorites:
Trinity St Clair, Vanessa Cage, Shyla Stylez, Kristina Rose
Have you noticed that the “Condom Law” has effected your work, for good or bad?

It has slowed down my work load for camera yes, but it doesn’t mean its gonna stop me from pleasing my fans. I will continue doing my cam shows on streamates and chaterbate. As well as work harder on my website: TIACYRUSXXX.COM. I just resigned working over at the ATMLA office as the secretary, to open up my schedule more for my paid work shoots, as well as my content shoots for my website. So, for the big productions….Measure B has only slowed down my work load a tad but like everyone including myself…”Porn will not be going anywhere anytime soon. 
Are you as sexy off camera, as on?

I am told I look hotter in person then what the pictures or cameras show to the public. So, yes???  lol That and I’m so small in person, fans never get over that fact….but its not a complaint. 
What do you do in your time off from working?

 I work on my website, right now I’m changing everything up for the members. Can’t wait for it to be done. Then on my real free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and going to the beach….living the care free cali life. Toke up “giggles”. I also have been spending lots of time with my puppy and baby girl “Farrah”, she is my pride and joy. I adopted her a year ago and she has been the center of my world at the moment. Not dating at the moment, just fuck buddies. hahahahah

We all love our fans, do you have a favorite “encounter” with a fan?
Yes, I featured danced for the very first time in Sacramento CA at the Golds Club and I had a fan who brought me all sorts of yummy gifts. Chocolate covered  fruits and a card. 

If you weren’t working in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing?
 Most likely continuing with being a Fashion designer and independent jewelry maker. I was doing those things as hobbies in high school and really enjoyed doing those activities. I use to sell jewelry with my school colors and it would sell to the staff. I was quite the craft one in school.  

Have you ever been recognized in public?

 Only when I’m in a large group of porn stars hahahaahah I look pretty normal, just your average girl next door you love to adore….but wouldn’t think she acts like a whore. hahaha

What’s your new projects?
Mainly my website: TIACYRUSXXX.COM with my webmaster Ron Elise “Teazeworld Network” and this new protoype life size pillow of myself that my lovely Publicist James Bartholet over at Galaxy Publicity has helped me to do. I also co host the “Inside the Industry” radio program with James Bartholet and Emy Reyes on on Wednesday nights.
Any advice for a new performer starting out in the industry?
Always ask questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question…. especially if your NEW to the game. Know your worth, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in the bedroom. Porn is NOT ABOUT PAIN, its about enjoying the art of sex and giving a show to the fans and being comfortable with yourself and soundings. Always do your research before signing any contract and make sure this is a career choice you are comfortable with, cause this does not just impact you and your bank account……its a part of your life!  Meaning family and friends will know this part of you sooner or later, are you ready to tell them this side of you?!? Other then that, bring your A game and always work hard and give a good performance cause each scene is looked at my tons of viewers that could land you a nomination! hahahahaha

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