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A Quickie With Gina Mond

By Scooter McBooter
gina mond72
Life imitates art. Gina Mond is a living example.
The Russian-born actress combines the all-out rawness of hardcore porn with the flair, panache, and occasionally over-the-top outrageousness that art can be. Now living in New York, the 34DD-23-33 performer is certainly not one to be pigeon-holed or typecast. All it takes is a look at her provocative website – – to figure out that Gina is anything but typical. That’s what makes her so compelling.
Though quite shy by nature, Gina took some time out for a chat in between filming and touring.

SM: How much does your artistic background influence your photo shoots and movies?
GM: I like to stay in tune with the fashion and music industries, new movements, ideas, expressions, etc. All my inspirations come from within and the people I interact with. That truly elevates me

solo diamond shade2
SM: You have a wide-ranging assortment of hairstyles in your work. Do you go on a whim to change things, and was there anything behind the idea to go with a completely shaven head?
GM: I like to be a chameleon. Reinventing myself is very attractive and arousing to me. Shaving my head was taking it to the extreme and it turns me on to look at myself as a different person.

SM: Something very unique is your shoot with the devil-type horns on your head. Can you talk about that endeavor as well as the set with the snake?
GM: I’m intrigued by the darker side of sexuality.

SM: What does “darker” mean to you?
GM: It’s more mysterious, more exciting to explore and I love the theatrical aspect of it.

SM: Do you have favorites during sex?
GM: As a producer as well as a model, I aim for the visual aspect of it. If it looks arousing, it is arousing for me.

SM: You seem to enjoy multiple men and gangbangs, any reason why? Do you perform at all with other women?
GM: I do both and enjoy them equally.

SM: What are the attributes you like most in a male talent and in a female talent?

GM: Hygiene, great performance and radiant health. In other words, someone who takes very good care of themselves.

SM: Any reasoning behind your breast and pussy piercings, or just that you wanted them done?

GM: It accents the body.

SM: Are masturbation shoots some of your favorites? I think watching a woman kiss/suck her own breasts is amazing.
GM: I think it’s amazing also.

SM: Tell me about your reality TV link on your website.
GM: I’m strictly vegetarian and like to use my website to promote a healthy and cruelty-free cooking/reality show, featuring me surrounded by my animals cooking amazing vegetarian meals.

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