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A Quickie With … Lucky Starr !

A Quickie With … Lucky Starr ! by jb
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How did you get started in the industry?

I moved to CA in 2005 with hopes of making it as an actress. For years I jumped from one bad job and one bad relationship to another. I finally held a job for 2.5 years, but one day I went to work, took a look at the schedule and saw a blank line next to my name. I was laid off and devastated. My roommate kicked me out that very same day, and I was forced to move back in with my ex-fiancé. I wandered around depressed for a month, until a “light bulb” went on above my head. I asked him if I could start doing porn (which we always enjoyed together), and he thought it was a great idea. Valentine’s day 2009, he took naughty pictures of me which I emailed to Jim South of World Modeling. Jim called me in, and the rest, as they say, is history. Eventually, the fiancé and I broke up and I stayed in the business.

What’s been your most “memorable” scene so far?

Last January, I won an XBIZ Award for Best Scene in a Couples Themed Feature. In the feature, I reconnect with a former student, played by Xander Corvus. I kinda developed a “show-mance” crush on Xander, so I put every feeling every emotion I had in my body into that scene. My heart and soul went into it. The day we shot the scene, I was so nervous and giddy, I could barely contain myself. But the scene was very intense for me. Apparently, other people noticed it too.

What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?

Boy/Girl romantic scenes, of course!! ….Oh, and really large orgies!

Do you have a favorite performer or director to work with?

Performer: Xander Corvus Director: Nica Noelle
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Have you noticed that the “Condom Law” has effected your work, for good or bad?
I noticed that shooting has gone down a bit. But let’s just say I’m very “lucky” and work always comes my way somehow.

Are you as sexy off camera, as on?

I like to think I’m sexy, but in a different way. People say my personality is the sexiest thing about me, and you don’t have much time to show that when shooting a scene.

What do you do in your time off from working?

I’m usually working out, singing karaoke (every Tuesday, PSK!!), cooking, shopping, playing with my cute white Persian kitty, or watching movies with my boyfriend.

We all love our fans, do you have a favorite “encounter” with a fan?

Most fans have been nice. Only a few get crazy, like they own you…’s really weird. But those get blocked. I’m pretty easy going, so if a fan wants to talk or ask a question, I’ll respond as long as you don’t get too crazy on me.

If you weren’t working in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing?
I’d probably be in the same nowhere relationship, waiting on tables, and thinking an acting career will just fall in my lap.

Have you ever been recognized in public?
Once, and that situation was REALLY unusual. I’ll just leave it at that.

What’s your new projects?

I’ve been shooting a number of scenes and never really know where they wind up. But some may have the words “Asian”, “Anal”, and “Cockold” in the titles.

Any advice for a new performer starting out in the industry?
Be on time for everything, be respectful, be courteous, have a sense of humor, and DON’T do drugs (I’m TOTALLY SERIOUS!!!)!!

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