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A Quickie with Rabbit of Rabbit Reviews


How did you get named Rabbit?  I got the name Rabbit because when I was looking to choose a domain name, I wanted something that would be easily branded and catchy.  Obviously because of the association with sex, a rabbit seemed like the perfect fit. The personal nickname just went hand in hand.

How did he get interested in porn sites?  Well, I’m a warm blooded male, so my interest in porn was natural. I was adding to my personal collection when I saw a link to a webmaster program and it peaked my interest. I figured if I was going to build a business around something, it might as well be around something I loved.

How did he end up building a website to review porn sites?  My first website had screenshots of member’s areas so that surfers could see what was inside before joining, so it was a natural progression to start a full blown review site.

How many have been reviewed to date? Right now we have close to 6,000 reviews live and we are always churning out more.


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