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A Quickie With Sadie Santana

A Quickie With Sadie Santana by JB

How did you get started in the industry?
I spent a lot of time researching this before I started. I went online and talked to people. I wanted to learn as much as I could before hand so I could make sure I was making the right choice, which I did of course. I then contacted ATMLA and signed with them.

What’s been your most “memorable” scene so far?
“Psycho Thrillers” this is a really wild company that does simulated scenes where the girls appears to be killed. I know I know, it sounds really extreme, but it was a really cool set of scenes to do. I liked it,and would like to do more.

What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?
Really hardcore and crazy scenes. I like to push the button. I hate being bored when I have sex. Passionate scenes are nice, but what I really like is some excitement when I have sex, on camera and off camera.

You just started working this year, but do you have a favorite performer or director you’ve worked with so far?

Mike Adriano was absolutely fantastic to work with. there’s a lot of great performers I’ve had the opportunity to work with like Kurt Lockwood. It’s my first year in the industry, and I’m already meeting and working with so many sexy guys and girls.

Have you noticed that the “Condom Law” has effected your work, for good or bad?

Yes I have, it’s effecting us, and I think it gets in the way of knocking out a good scene sometimes. I think it’s a ridiculous law. Yes, people should use condoms, but we’re tested all time, and no one should tell us how to do our job.
sadie santana
Are you as sexy off camera, as on?
Absolutely I am ….”wink” My personal sexy side comes off on camera, and I think that shows. Now I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement, and with time you’ll see me evolve more as a performer on camera.

What do you do in your time off from working?
I like to work in the garden, I love being outdoors and go hiking and doing things in the fresh air and get some sun and just basically have fun in life.

If you weren’t working in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing?
I would be working in the skin care industry, and actually I’m thinking of one day opening up my own skin care line.

What’s you new projects?
I’m working on my new official site, It’s almost ready to unveil, it’s going to have a lot of great scenes in it, and photos. I’m also getting out to a lot of interviews, and events thanks to my publicists at Galaxy Publicity. I’ve also got a hot scene in “My New White Step Daddy” coming out real soon

Any advice for a new performer starting out in the industry?
Just love what you do, you’ve got to love sex, and you’ve got to be prepared mentally and physically for the work ahead of you.

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