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A Quickie With Shelley Lubben

1.   Why did you decide to write a book?
a. For a couple of reasons. One, I got tired of telling my story over and over and over. (laughing) On a serious side, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide from countries I never even heard of have written me and cried out for help for everything from depression, prostitution, to porn to wanting to be healed from Herpes. So I wrote the book to pass on the healing I received from God to the whole world. I truly want to empower people to be Champions in life.
2.   How did you decide on the title and design the cover?
a. God gave me the title in 2004 when He told me to write an article about the truth behind the fantasy of porn. It stuck. Then God told me to turn the six year old article into a book this summer on my husband’s birthday. I just sat down on July 15 and wrote and self-published my book in two and a half months. Only God could have done that.
b.  The design was pure genius between me, God and my awesome designer Eric. God told me to take my eyes and put them on a porn star’s face and to use circus imagery as I often compare the porn industry to a circus in my book. If you look in the back of the book you can kind of notice my green eyes in my picture look like the woman’s on the front. I love to throw hints and keep people guessing. Intriguing others is a gift of mine.
3.   What do you hope to accomplish by putting this book out?

a. That truth would prevail and millions would be awakened out of their ignorant slumber.
b. That millions of sex industry workers would feel understood and have hope again. I wrote my book especially for them.
c. I also want to help millions of porn addicts and their families. Especially the wives and children. Wives are devastated because they feel cheated on and according to numerous studies, the largest group for viewing porn online is ages 12-17. If we don’t stop spoon feeding porn to the youth, we’ll one day have an entire generation of porn addicts who will become our leaders. That’s a scary thought.
4.   I really did enjoy reading your book.  You mention so many things that we will explore further in a more in-depth interview. But for now, Just tell me what should people who read your book take away from it?

a. That nothing is impossible with God.
5.   Do you still hear Jesus speak to you? What is the most important thing he ever told you?

a. Yep. Jesus talks to me everyday right along with my Father God and Holy Spirit. No human could accomplish all that I have in my life unless they were supernaturally empowered. Jesus Christ is alive and well and He has only just begun to heal the world of porn. He especially sends His love to everyone in the porn industry!
b. The most important thing He ever told me was to love myself the way He loves me.

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