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A Quickie with Trinity James

I e-mailed Trinity and asked her a quick couple questions. When she replied she said she would be happy to answer any questions.  She said she has nothing to hide. So leave some questions in the comment section and she’ll answer them for us.


How are you and your family doing?

I am doing great and so are my children.

Are you and your husband still together?

No we are not,  we are still legally married but live in two different states and are very much seperated..we all made mistakes in life and I dont regret it I have just learned a lot of lessons. I am currently very happy being single and concentrating on my children and school. My husband is the the type of person who just uses whoever he can to get where he wants to be and that isnt me. I wish him the best with the girlfriend/fiance but I hope one day he grows up.

Are you living in Las Vegas? 

I am currently living in Las Vegas

Do you have anything to say about leaving the industry?

Wish I would of never met the husband, I wouldnt be where I am today though which has taught me a lot. But I was a happier person when I was in the industry and the people are so much more honest than the real world.

Will you be coming back to doing adult movies?

I have seriously thought about it I am in the process of a lot of training and working out and then maybe who knows what will happen…

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