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A reader weighs in on Adult Star Profits & Shyla Styles

A reader e-mails me her opinion-

I just read the blog comments and I’m glad to see the bullshit meters of Kelli and Mariah Milano went off also. Great point by Mariah in her first sentence. Performers not contributing (because they left!) causes fraud? what the fuck?

Some of this is just speculation on my part …

Adult Star Profits blames their performers for their chargebacks because they aren’t involved in their websites and not interacting with paid members.


Shyla Stylez has been gone from Adult Star Profits for up to a year now. It has been at minimum 4 months. She started participating on the PUBA forums ( back in early August for her new site.

You didn’t see Adult Star Profits take her website down, did you? They aren’t going to lose profits off one of the biggest names in the business for the past decade (just counted the other day, 340-360 scenes for Shyla in the decade).

What they didn’t count on was chargebacks.

Shyla did a radio show before Christmas for a Chicago radio show. It is archived here –>

After she finished the interview and left, one of the DJ’s mentions Shyla said she was looking for a lawyer for issues relating to her websites. I’m guessing this isn’t for PUBA but maybe for Adult Star Profits. Maybe she doesn’t want them to be claiming they are still her official site.

I’d love to hear what ASP has to say if you e-mail them back and ask if Shylas website will be going down as soon as she launches her new official site. I’m guessing they will laugh at you. (ASP) still claims to be her official site but we know she’s left for PUBA. Her new website is mentioned numerous times by Shyla in that Chicago radio interview.

Interesting… I just looked at the Shyla/ASP site for the first time since you started blogging about this. I see they have removed some material from the lower left part of the tour page, which used to claim things like live shows with Shyla etc. It no longer states what you get for subscribing.

Wouldn’t you be pissed too if you subscribed for $99.95 (1 year) and found out Shyla had nothing to do with it? It says its the official site. Shyla left them months ago.

Congrats on a great year. Glad I found your blog this year.



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