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A Sonnet For Holly Randall

She posts on her MySpace:

I just got an email today with a poem written for me– I think it’s pretty damn good! I’m very flattered, and it’s inspired by Keats, one of my favorite poets. ?

On first looking into Randall’s photos

Much have I travell’d in the realms of porn,
And many nude young maidens have I seen;
Round many pink vaginas have I been
Which Puritans do regularly scorn.
Of all the photographers ever born
Who chose to tread the path of naked skin
A California woman is, I ween,
The one who shines like Helios in the morn.
Could I but write a poem half as sweet
As Holly’s photographs are to my eyes
My talents I would judge to be complete,
Without peer among “Watchers of the Thighs.”
Then, thus contented, I would beat my meat —
Perhaps in some hotel room in Van Nuys.

P.D. Milo
June 2007

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