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A Stroke of Penis- AL Writes about jerking off

A Stroke Of Penis
Jerking off is one of the most valuable wellness techniques known to man. Aside from relieving stress (and some say reducing acne), it allows the mind to operate lucidly. I know that after jerking off I view things with an altered, improved perspective because a full clip of jizz is a man’s worst enemy; it clouds our thoughts. Think if there was a machine that made someone bust a nut every time they were about to get into a brawl? Fact is, after you bust a nut you just want to chill for a hot minute, maybe smoke a cig, get something to eat or go to sleep.
On average I jerk off once a day, however that is mainly only taking into account what I call “Stroking In The 1st Degree.” This is premeditated masturbation. These strokes have preset times and have accessories in place, mine being right before I go to sleep, with my jizz sock and sometimes my lab-top. I have never been a fan of early morning masturbation. To me, that’s like smoking weed before you go to work; it’s just more enjoyable when you can just chill after wards, not to mention you don’t feel like doing shit after either. The early morning stroke comes in handy however because of its utility. It is very easy to let one go in the shower – not to mention free of mess – which makes it compulsory every now and then.
It took fine honing of my stroking skills to make stroking in the 1st my main method. Prior to that, and still occasionally to this day, I engage in “Stroking in the 3rd Degree.” This is impulsive, spur of the moment jerking off which can be set off by anything. It’s like when Tony Montana gets vexed or Carrie loses it. Something sets it off, you hear weird ominous music and the next thing you know regardless of the situation your only goal is to find a way to bust one. I can be at work reading something on Yahoo involving sex and next thing I know I’m rubbing one out in the bathroom. If you can’t get up you have to rely on the discreet squeeze, which is just rubbing your dick outside of your pants but not busting as a compromise.
Other times the 3rd degree is planned, albeit hastily. This is usually when the above situation is not feasible. One has the impulse to jerk but due to circumstance is not able to. He knows he is going to jerk off at the first available opportunity and it has been built up, but since his only focus is busting a nut, he has nothing ready to catch the jizz or doesn’t fully prepare for proper privacy. This degree has caused many youths to caught, solid dick in hand, by their parents. Not me though, thankfully. It did cause me to jizz on a number of T-shirts or sometimes jizz on my stomach and then take a shower. After a dozen wasted t-shirts, you condition yourself to have a dedicated jizz rag.
The jizz rag is the most important jerking off accessory. Listen, I don’t need lotion or baby oil to jerk off, but there is a problem if I have no where to bust. My very first bust is a prime example of that. I had tried a few times to jerk off prior to that, but all that came out was precum. I thought that was it, perhaps that was all I could bust. I wondered why people stroked at all. Then one day I just kept at it. The resulting bust was one of mammoth current, an epic bust, extremely thick. Unfortunately it landed on my face, all over my glasses and yes some landed in my mouth. Needless to say that stayed with me for a long time.
You don’t want an actual rag to catch jizz, because it is too big. A chick finds that filled with nut and she thinks you compulsively jerk non stop. A sock which can not be used anymore because it has a hole or the elastic is worn out is perfect because of its discreet nature. The only problem is, because it is a small target, great care must be taken to land the bust on the sock and not out of bounds.  Tissues or toilet paper are for novices and not worth mentioning.
I never jerk off to magazines or any still media at all anymore. To me that is archaic. Back in the day, every now and then, against all reasonable thought, I would jizz all over the pictures. It is retarded, but everyone has done it. The mag is ruined after that, but somehow it’s like you are jazzing on the bitch. At Thanksgiving my brother told me he has pictures on his computer he strokes to and I was dumbfounded. Pictures??? I told him in the 21st century there is no reason to stroke to something still, period. That’s welfare stroking for Christ sake. Then I let him watch a porno DVD and he said he had never seen a porno on DVD. I wondered how we could actually be related at that point. I said step your stroking game up son!
Lastly I will say I do believe there are men that do not jerk off for whatever reason. This is an amazingly tiny percentage of men. For the most part every man jerks, it is a fact of life. It’s not a matter of how much pussy you get, or the quality of the pussy. Male impulse and situation dictate a man has to resort to jerking off at least occasionally. Ask Pee Wee Herman…

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