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A TRPWL Reader Speaks Out About The Bryan Gozzling Hate

Yesterday, there was alot of twitter rants going on over the type of Porn Bryan Gozzling shoots. Im not gonna get into the who and what they were saying, but for the most part, his porn didn’t sit well with alot of the girls in the industry. Now I dont know Bryan, but I do know some of the girls he shoots and they like him..So all i can really go on is the people he interacts with..

I was up late keyboard warrioring last night, and when my mom yelled down the basement stairs for me to wake up, I had a ton of Bryan Gozzling fan girls in my DMs.

While eating my cornflakes I started reading them, this one was the best..

Hey. Love ur blogs. Anyway I’m seeing a lot of hate yesterday about a director I love and I wish you would write a blog to shut the shut down. The director is Bryan Gozzling and the person spewing the most hate against him is XXXXXXX and XXXXXX (pretty sure that’s her last name). I’m a female and they are saying his work is basically inherently abusive to women. It just makes me sick, not only for the hate against him and the wonderful women he shoots (he shoots like half well known girls half newish to brand new girls) but because these defamatory comments are so false. Idk it just made me so mad as a viewer. There is already so much stigma against sex work and the fact that women in the business perpetuate it is so vile.

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