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Aaliyah Love Does Boy/Girl Interview

Interview with Aaliyah Love By Scooter McBooter
Aaliyah Love, the ultimate all-natural spinner, is a sprite of energy, exuberance, and cute-yet-naughty sex appeal.
The tiny Chicago native, who now makes her home in Los Angeles, broke into the adult business focused on solo and girl-girl fun. But after much demand from her ever-growing fan base, Aaliyah recently boy-girl scenes to her portfolio.
During a break in her daunting schedule of shoots, Aaliyah took some time to talk about her decision to “add penis to the mix” along with her celebrity crushes, toe sucking, and being “bendy.”

SM: You’ve recently decided do to B/G scenes. Was that a difficult decision and what made you make up your mind to do it?
AL: I wouldn’t say it was a difficult decision because once I make my mind up to do something, I’m in it 100%. But I don’t make any rash decisions and I thought it over for a LONG TIME. For a long time I wanted to keep that part of my life private, but now I’m ready to share it with my fans and let everyone watch! I can’t say it was one thing or another that made up my mind for me. It was a number of things … it was a progression. It’s a decision I haven’t regretted one bit either. I’m having a BLAST shooting these B/G scenes for Manwin. It has been so much fun!

SM: Some girls specialize in oral or anal or whatever … what will your specialty be? And what do you enjoy most doing off- or on-camera with guys and girls?
AL: So far, the sex I have had in every B/G scene (I’ve shot seven so far) has been mind-blowing in every way possible. And I imagine it will just get better with time. There are several things I want to do in a B/G scene that I haven’t yet that I think I should keep to myself for now, so they are a surprise when I finally get my way and get to do them. I’m in talks with Brazzers now to make two of those fantasies come true. What I like to do with men and women definitely depends on the person and the mood. But, in general, I LOVE kissing. Passionate kissing, looking into each other’s eyes, intensity and passion. I also tend to be submissive. I like to be told what to do and follow directions. I also like spankings and getting my toes sucked!
SM: What is it about toe-sucking that drives you crazy?
AL: I’m VERY ticklish and there’s nothing I hate more than being tickled. But when I get horny, it goes away and my ticklish parts are more “sensitive.” I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s a strange and wonderful sensation! If you were to touch my feet or armpits just out of the blue, it would tickle and I’d probably punch you. But if you lick or suck on either area while we’re fucking … mmmm! (shiver)
SM: It’s cool that you mentioned that because I like to lick shapely and smooth armpits.
AL: That’s so interesting that you’re one of the people who are into licking armpits. I didn’t know you guys also “checked out” armpits or that there was a “shape” to them. Mine are … skinny, I guess, and very shallow. I don’t know LOL!

SM: Are there any male talent you’re looking forward to working with?
AL: I did my research and picked 12 hot guys for my “yes list.” So far I’ve gotten to fuck five of them, and they have all been A-mazing! I’m sure my list will grow as I get to know more of the guys personally.
SM: Since you’ve decided to do B/G is there anything “next” for you … kink, gangbang, etc?
Aaliyah Love 002
AL: Haha, whoa, slow down! I just started shooting boy/girl!. If you’re asking me if I will always feel a need to “up the ante” and constantly outdo myself or others, I don’t see it being like that. G/G was never like that for me. I just did the best I could to play the roles the companies gave me while having great sex with hot girls, and enjoying myself every step of the way. Now that I’ve added penis to the mix, I think it will just be more of the same.
SM: Would anal be a possibility for the next step or upping the ante?
AL: I love anal. I haven’t had anal sex in almost two years. It’s like a “special occasion” thing I only do with people I trust. And considering I haven’t been dating for over 2 years, I really haven’t had chance, but I LOVE fingers and tongues in my butthole, and I LOVE licking girls’ buttholes! Its my new “thing!”
SM: You’re an all-natural girl which I think is awesome. Do you think people appreciate that you’ve stayed natural? Have you ever been tempted to get breast enhancements?
AL: There are some people who appreciate it, sure. And there are some people who don’t. There are going to be super fans and haters and everything in between no matter what you do in life, which is why I only choose to do what makes me happy. I live for myself and what I want, not what others want me to be. I’m just grateful that I do have fans who love my body and my work and don’t want me to change. When I first started webcams and porn was when I learned that there were men who not only liked my petite body type, but PREFERRED it. Porn taught me to except my body just the way it is, and to love myself. And nope, I’ve never been tempted to get breast implants. 

SM: Speaking of natural, what are your thoughts on girls who choose to keep some or all of their pussy hair rather than shave it?
AL: Well pussy hair is making a comeback, and in a major way! When I first started webcams, every girl on the Internet was completely shaved. It was just expected. And now, having a little bit of hair is more common. I kind of like it, less razor burn and ingrown hairs LOL.

SM: I saw on your site that you love to workout and eat healthy. How important in your life is that? What is your workout regimen consist of?
AL: I do try to eat as healthy as possible. I quit eating all meat in 1997, but added seafood back into my diet around 2002. I eat mostly raw fruits, veggies, fish, stir fry, veggie burgers, teas … stuff like that. I do have my cheat days but I find I’m happiest and have the most energy when I’m eating “clean.” I try to make it to the gym at least three times a week, more if I have an important shoot coming up. And I take a lot of yoga classes. I’m very flexible!
SM: Well since you brought it up, just how flexible are you? Have you ever used your “stretchiness” in the bedroom on or off camera?
AL: I’ve always been naturally “bendy.” I’m not the strongest, but I’m usually the most flexible in my yoga classes. I can’t do the splits, but I can do some fun stuff with my legs during sex! You can throw them above my head and crunch me into a little ball and fuck me! Keiran did this to me in our B/G scene for Brazzers. That position plus his huge cock made me SCREAM!
SM: Can you tell me who your favorite female co-stars so far and why? And are there girls you wanna fuck yet that you haven’t?
AL: I used to play favorites, but now I’ve learned to be a little more diplomatic and try not to play favorites so as to not hurt anybody’s feelings. I’ve had some amazing times with MOST of the the girls and guys I’ve worked with. But I will say this … it’s quite obvious that I have a “thing” for Ms Cherie DeVille. There’s probably 6 or 7 scenes of us together on my website now. And there will always be more! I think she’s such an amazing girl! As far as girls I want to work with, I have a LONG list. I had a public “to do” blog post in 2012 of companies, photographers and girls I wanted to work with. By the end of the year I worked with EVERY company/photog, and about half of the girls. I’m a LUCKY GIRL!! I’m sure I’ll leave some names out that will come to me later but off the top of my head – Lexi Belle, Celeste Star, Elle Alexander, Veruca James, Lily Carter just to name a few!
SM: With you being so petite and all-natural, I think it would be fun to see you in some “contrast” scenes with bigger and bustier ladies.
AL: I’ve have done some “contrast” scenes. I just fucked Anastasia Pierce two days ago for a scene for both of our websites. She said in her thick, sexy accent “Lay down and open your mouth, I’m going to give you a mouthful!” and shoved her big tit in my face. It was great! I love ladies of all shapes and sizes. It’s chemistry that attracts me to someone, not their looks. GF Films does a lot of “contrast” scenes and I’ve been in many of them!
SM: What are you thoughts on tattoos becoming so popular amongst the girls?
AL: I’m in the process of getting my only tattoo removed. It’s already about halfway gone. By December I will have zero tattoos or piercings.
Aaliyah Love 001
SM: Any celebrity crushes – male and female?
AL: Male would be Anderson Cooper, even though I know he’s gay. He’s just the perfect specimen of a man, physically. And he’s so smart which attracts me to him even more! (And probably the fact that he’s gay and would want nothing to do with me is part of it too. I’m twisted like that!) I also am obsessed with Mark Wahlberg. I think there was never a man more good looking than him, and there probably never will be! The things I would do to that man … ooooh! As far as celebrity women, I think Mila Kunis is so gorgeous! And I’ve heard she’s very short and petite. I like that! And I don’t think anybody could get closer to perfection than Scarlet Johansson especially in one of my favorite movies “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.” Zooey Deschanel is also so pretty, but I’m not sure she would be wild in bed. She looks like she might be too prudish to “let loose” in the bedroom LOL!

SM: What are your favorite snacks and your favorite splurge dinner?
AL: I love Thai food. I know this sounds gross but I’m going to tell you anyways. I like to order tofu fried rice with extra egg then I dump a bunch of peanut sauce on it and make a sort of fried rice/peanut sauce type of paste. Then I devour it like a wild animal. I recommend it to anybody who would like to gain a bunch of weight very fast. But I love all types of food … I’m a food-a-holic! That’s why I work out so much, I can’t stop eating! I love sweets – ice cream, donuts … and macaroons are my new guilty pleasure. I just can’t stop! LOL
SM: What is the favorite place you’ve been, and where is your dream vacation?
AL: I recently got to shoot for for a week in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. It was an amazing experience! Especially having a G/G/G three-way in the swimming pool in the middle of a torrential rainstorm! I also really enjoyed Montreal in October two years ago. I was walking the streets with a friend when the first snowfall of the year happened. It was so beautiful, a real magical moment! As far as where I want to go, I have a long list of places I want to visit. Some people dream of getting married and having children, I dream of traveling and learning about new places and people. I’ve seen all of America but unfortunately, I haven’t been out of the country much, yet, just Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. I am hoping since I started doing B/G it will open many career opportunities for me, including travel. I’m excited to spend a week in Amsterdam this coming September, and my next goal is Japan.
Check out more of Aaliyah at and follow her on Twitter @AaliyahLove69.

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