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Aarielle Alexis Interview

We talk Tuesday night in Studio City. Video Video Her L.A. Direct Models profile. Her MySpace.

Luke: “Anything awkward happen on your first date [when she was 14 and headed for high school]?”

Aarielle, 21yo: “I gave him head on the way home. It’s my favorite thing to do.”

Luke: “Did he climax?”

Aarielle: “Right away. I didn’t hang out with him after that. He freaked out when he [came]. He was moving all around.”

“A year later, he came out of the closet.”

“I read a romance novel before I [gave head] so that I would know how to do it.”

“I’m an over-achiever. I kept doing it until I got it right. I found a friend and had him teach me what felt good.”

Aarielle’s parents divorced when she was five. She went to live with her mother, who she couldn’t stand.

“My mother was a control freak… My father is who I’ve always been close with. I talk to him every day. My father has always been there. My mother I rarely speak to.”

“My dad knew I was working today so to give a guilt trip he said, ‘Make us proud.’

“The scene I did today was called ‘Don’t tell daddy.’ I was pretending it was my dad. ‘Oh daddy, f— me.’

“I read my horoscope this morning though. It said it was OK to leave the house.”

Aarielle moved a lot. She was kicked out of school in eighth grade for giving a blowjob in Mr. Henderson’s room.

Her dad flew her out to Indiana six times a year to visit him.

“I had a lot of stepfathers. I didn’t get attention from anybody.”

“I was always told, ‘Why don’t you act normal?’ by my stepmom.”

“I was already really smart, but that was not enough. I had to be the most popular girl at school. I won Homecoming Court and I did the class president thing but I didn’t like it.”

“I had a lot of friends. They were in different crowds.”

“I was very dramatic. I did a lot of theatre. I would come up with plays at restaurants and act them out for my family. I was always trying to get attention because my parents worked so much and I didn’t get attention. That’s why I acted out so much at school. Parents should spend more time with their kids growing up instead of putting them in day care.”

Aarielle was an only child.

“I can’t deal with being monogamous. It is human nature to have sex with other people. Monogamy is archaic.”

Aarielle says the longest she’s been monogamous is two months.

Luke: Are there any qualities in a man that excite you and you wish they didn’t?

Aarielle: “Yes. I’m attracted to money. I always have been. I have trouble dating people who don’t have a lot of money.”

At the beginning of her journey into porn, Aarielle did a “performance based interview” in Orlando.

Luke: “What’s your favorite part of being in the industry?”

Aarielle: “The money. If you’re getting paid as much as you would at Starbucks, would you get f—ed on camera and deal with all the friends you can lose from this? I had a lot of friends before I started doing this and now I have people sending me evil emails about what I do. You get messages from people on MySpace giving you their opinion about how what you’re doing is horrible and degrading.”

Out of her dozen closest friends, two have stood by her and ten have gone. “I had a friend Christina who sent me an email on MySpace saying I have a roast beef pussy.”

Aarielle went to college for two years. “I originally wanted to get a BA in International Finance but I ended up just getting an AA in Business. I wanted the faster way to make money, so I do porn.”

“The more time I spend with myself, the more I love myself.”

Luke: “Why did you do a [six-man] gangbang in your third scene?”

Aarielle: “Because I was hanging on every word my old agent [Shy Love] said to me. I believed that was the kind of work I wanted to do. I wanted to push the envelope. I wanted to be that girl who did everything right away. I was paid a lot of money to do it.”

Luke: “Would you do it again?”

Aarielle: “Never. It was disgusting.”

Luke: “You’re good at putting on that violated look.”

Aarielle: “I’m good at putting on a lot of looks. I’ve done a lot of acting.”

“I escorted through college to go to [the University of Central Florida].”

“I was in a stitch for money. I came home from a trip to San Francisco and needed to pay the rent. I was hanging out on porn sets and a lot of the girls escorted. I posted an ad on spiro’s website and had five calls right away.”

“The first time was fine. The guy was totally normal. He was cute. It was fun. We hung out all night and I just charged him for an hour.”

“I would almost have relationships with these people.”

“I had no personal life. It was all work and school.”

She’d see up to three clients a day.

“It didn’t affect me positively. That’s all I’ll say.”

“I got into drugs by dating someone… I went to this party and we were doing cocaine, heroin and nitrous oxide.”

“My parents put me in rehab. I relapsed a lot.”

She says she hasn’t used drugs in eight months.

“I had a food addiction. I went up to 200 pounds. I had a sex addiction.”

Luke: “Are you still addicted now?”

Aarielle: “Yes. But it works for me. I’m in the right industry. I have great scenes. I like more money. I like more things. I like more sex. I like more fun. It all works out.”

“I make a list of goals every month and I achieve them.”

“My weaknesses? God. I can’t come up with weaknesses for some reason.”

Luke: “What are the common patterns of your romantic relationships?”

Aarielle: “Being infatuated with them for three days and then finding something that is totally wrong and then finding more wrong things. I’m a perfectionist.”

Luke: “What things typically disappoint you in a guy?”

Aarielle: “Lack of confidence.”

“The type of guy I have sex with in porn is not the type of guy I date.”

“I have two favorite movies — Hotel Rwanda and Breakfast at Tiffanys.”

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