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Acid in the Face “Victim” is NOT ? Pic

Definitely in the “What were they thinking” category.

The original story was that Bethany Storro was attacked outside a coffee house in Vancouver, Washington. “A woman approached her and said, ‘Hey pretty girl,’ and she turned around and she asked if she wanted something to drink, and my daughter said, ‘No,’” Storro’s mother, Nancy Neuwelt, told reporters. She said the woman then threw a cup of liquid in Storro’s face.

According to several news reports- The girl who said that a stranger threw acid in her face was lying. She threw the acid on HERSELF! We don’t no yet why she did it. Before this hoax came out, Storro was scheduled to go on the Oprah Show. Storro wrote that while she had originally wanted to appear on the show to “inspire people and tell them about Jesus,” she changed her mind.

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