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Actual “WITCH” Note Left On “Aunt Peg’s” door

NL- This is the note that was stuck to the door of Juliet Anderson aka Aunt Peg. All this is my opinion-There are just some scum bags in the world that I would like to take down all by myself, and the person who wrote this is one of them. We are also pretty sure who wrote it. But the police don’t seem to care one bit. They say that this person left the note after death and it is irrelevant. Well, killers do revisit the scene of the crime. AND someone mentioned that if you were the killer you certainly wouldn’t put up a note on the person’s door who you killed. Well, if you were really devious you would, because then no one would suspect you!  Or if you are really crazy or stupid you would too. (We do not yet know the reason for Juliet’s death, altho natural causes will probably be the ruling)

You would have to be the cruelest kind of sicko to write this note and stick it on the door of a person who died, knowing that a grieving friend or family member would be the one to find it. Does anyone live in Berkley?  That’s where this all took place.


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