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Ad Sales On LIB- Donny Long

I’m working on the ad changes to LIB for July 1st.   There are 4 top banners. There are 8 right hand boxcover size ads.  Many companies have asked about the ads. But I am fussy. And they do cost a little bit more that what you can find around. 

6 months ago maybe? It was funny when I got an e-mail from Donny Long. He asked how much it cost for a banner. I told him that I only had four banners, and I was fussy about what I put up for an ad. Plus it could not flash or blink and it had to be PG. I might have given him a bit of a high end figure. You know, the “I really don’t want to advertise you, but if you pay me an outrageous amount of money I’ll think about it.”  Oh, and the last thing I wanted really was to have an ad from Donny Long.  Because being as demanding as he is, I could just see the future arguments when he thought since he paid me for an ad, that I was certainly responsible to post up an article with anything he wrote. So when he e-mailed me back, he said ” your price is high compared to what I pay for to have a banner on adult Gene only charges me  a hundred bucks a month to have an ad there and you want a bout 4 X that.  Well, I hope you have a happy life advertising with Gene. I am sure he likes your money. And I totally understand. But I don’t want to have Donny advertising on my site because I WILL NOT let anyone tell me what to write about. And we all know that Donny is a bit outspoken. lol

Well Gene and I have vastly different approaches to the value, and how to sell ads on our sites. I always thought that it would be best if you bought an ad on LIB you would get an exclusive amount of readers. There is a difference between quantity and quality. And who is right? I have no idea.

I think I would most like it if you are one of my favorite movies or movie companies, and you put up your boxcover on my site. Because than I could feel great when I talked about it  you and your movie.

It is difficult to deal with when you have to make a living and  you run a controversial gossip site, sometimes those two things just don’t go together…

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