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Adam & Eve Rocks a PROFIT out of this economy!

NL-Any company that can show a profit over last year has got to be doing A LOT RIGHT! Other companies can learn something here. Adam & Eve treats their employees wonderfully, pays everyone on time, is good & fair with their customers and is even nice to low life writers like me. It’s an all around great place. You never hear any bad things about the company from anyone (and if anyone were going to hear bad things, it would be ME!)  The head of the PR Department Katy Z is fabulous at her job, and just a sweet, smart, adorable southern belle on top of that. Adam & Eve’s headquarters is located in North Carolina.



Hillsborough, NC — Adam & Eve and (, America’s most trusted source for adult products, is pleased to announce a stellar first quarter in sales and profits!
Despite the economic downturn, Adam & Eve posted an increase in sales and a nearly 30% spike in profits over first quarter 2008.
“We are pleased to be able to succeed in these uncertain times,” says Chad Davis, Director of Marketing for Adam & Eve. “We attribute this upswing to our success in transitioning our business from print to web, and to improving our efficiencies in the online marketing area.”
From January to April 2009, Adam & Eve sales generated from email almost doubled, and there was a 65% increase in sales generated from radio and new media. Conversely, sales from the catalog were down considerably because of cutbacks in mailing frequency.
“Smarter marketing along with our deep and broad product line gave us a very good first quarter,” summarizes Davis. “We are finding that our online marketing is more efficient than print. This gave us a lower advertising expenditure for the first quarter, which affected the bottom line.”
With more than 10 million satisfied customers and nearly 40 years of experience Adam & Eve continues to be the nation’s most trusted and largest adult superstore.

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