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Adam & Eve Rolling in the Dough!


Hillsborough, NC – (NL-great sales there right now, and a free sex toy with purchase)
America’s most trusted source for adult products, is pleased to announce it has  seen resoundingly strong sales and profits for the first quarter of 2011. In  fact, the week of February 7 was Adam & Eve’s best sales week in its 40 year history!

“We are very pleased with the first quarter 2011 results so far,” says Chad Davis, Director of Marketing for Adam & Eve. “First, we had our best January  (regarding sales) in three years. Then leading into our traditionally busy  Valentine’s Day season, the first week of February surpassed all results on record with 12% more orders than the same week last year.”

Continues Davis, “We attribute this marked upswing to growth in paid search marketing, radio, TV and new media efforts, such as advertising with popular podcasts. In January, paid search revenues grew by 25%, but we had huge growth in TV and radio. Those areas each doubled in revenue.”

With more than 20 million satisfied customers and 40 years of experience, Adam & Eve continues to set the standard in adult entertainment.

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